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Matter no julie's on her phone she's clicking away because somebody's waiting at a place that i have to tell them she's not coming okay. It show author day. Go ahead well but you might here and talking about if you're getting my point. You're talking about proactively generation. Being not their thing right so why is it. The most people shine away actually and it's work it ego. So maybe they don't think that they should have to well okay. So let's close this lip. So you. And i both know a lot of people from their mid thirties to say really from probably their mid twenty s all the way up to maybe if they're smart they're early forties. They're going to be stuck in this validation nation thing right. They're gonna have imposter syndrome. They're going to want to basically prove to the world famous. They're going to earth success regulation. We went through some of those spaces where we did right. Do things to try to have people recognize that you're successful. It's ego it's part of evolution. Perhaps it's not even voluntary. Perhaps everyone has to go through it. I don't know but the thing is what if you come into real estate and you're in that age group which most of the listeners are and there that's n- not only that is actually the ultimate Bait for them because it's feeding their ego at the same time it's making them think that they're actually gonna make money from it now. They'll make money but they won't make any profit in other words. The turned a lot of transactions for sure the they'll pass the money through exactly one hand and the other so income to the business so much more work in your thirty five and your school schoolteacher before. And you've always wanted validation. You always wanted to feel successful. You want prove the row and so you stumble across. Someone says jillian need to build a julie harris brand. You need the julie harris instagram. You need the julie harris influence or you need to look for you if you just pay me exactly right and you never let julie harris eagle eagle eagle and go. That's what basically feeds. Yeah and i actually think the more successful you start being the worst. This is because you're doing more transactions you have a higher level of stress and they get burned out and they crave that recognition. Because you don't always get it from the business especially when leadoff so. I think it actually gets worse as you become more successful sometimes tempting. I was talking to somebody who frankly in you know. They're interviewing me for the maybe being their coach but the reality of it is is. I'm interviewing them. And i'll ask him really tough questions. Because i'm trying to decide whether i want them in my head on a regular basis which frankly the answer is almost always no but one of the questions i ask and this is a truth. Question is i'll ask somebody like usually most of the people that are discovering us that are realizing that they're you know they've been up and down the ego mountain and now they're actually ready to truly be of service to people. Frankly make money. That's a lot of our personal coaching clients. We don't get a lot of people that are caught in the quagmire of ego really attracted us now. That's true because they're still their their egos still riding driving the they. If they listened to the podcast they kind of know where we're going to because they don't want us to tell them what they're doing is basically they could make profits for some of them don't even want to do a profit and loss most of them don't even understand we're talking about. They had soda again. This is one of those things that maybe if you're if you're introspective you can understand at an early age what we're reflecting what we're saying if not your eventually come to this conclusion so i ask people who are..

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