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About. I'm to do which was the most of as here. I am kissing. Al sharpton but medallion. Well we are so yeah but he also get he came from an important family is brother would become a state senator so you know the power and terrifying combination. Yes that's too hard to believe. Living under that would be possible so now him being mayors causing even worse financial situation for the town so mayor who shoots everyone is not good at the mayor job it turns out it's wild. It's except for some reason that's not turning it into a tourist haven. He terrorized businessman. Who came in to revitalize era so some guy coming up a store you got notes about my town united as a perfect i was just gonna open up perfect city name brand name one problem where no good forgetting net so as you come down to build. No i don't want to take the beauty of this city and move it to another town is just trying. China take our ideal tour. I'm tom going to kill you. And i'm the mayor came. I will kill you. I'm charging. I'm the mayor bang. How yeah achille. That guy all right. Everybody let's get some steak two brothers mercantile. Business closed due to a lack of customer. So he's driving out. Well why not. I mean he has the system. You just hold you go ahead of that. No one wanted to go to the town. No one wanted to go through town. It was just an. Why do you think that is. I don't know Sa- tons of stores are closing. While mayor of businesses sell their assets and they fold businesses are just scared to stay in the town because they can't make a profit right so but still has the support of a group of people because they are benefiting in some way right. So it's the the bad people who are dave. I know it's weird to think of. Walk me through. So i mean they'd say he was decently sober. They're always okay. We zuber guy. I'm done with this sober sheets. He's not okay. He's a nice guy when he signed. I'll give fuck. He's never sober. Split a pick up game with never sober shot my dad but then he came to the furor me. It's yeah but at the funeral then after. He sobered up. He's like i'm sorry. I shot you and that was no dad. That was nice flowers at well. He stole them any shot. Someone who had flowers at the funeral after that cousin. Yeah i know it was your cousin but after that he was like you want to go on a boat ride but don't let them which i later a plot to kill me look again. But that's because he got drunk but know when he invited you. I know very sincere. He's a real. he's a nice guy. Dr jekyll mister drunk. He isn't a little bit. Okay but good at heart. Good at heart shooting hearts. That's better so.

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