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103.5 FM. Nice to be with you on this Sunday evening. It's 9 28. Traffic and weather on the H two, Steve dresner in the WTO P traffic center. Things have eased up in the district just a bit on the southbound side of I two 95 network approaching the suitland Parkway the ongoing roadwork is still there only a single lane gets by, but staying on the southbound side ahead up near south capital street, crash activity clear traffic moving much better on that southbound side. On the northbound side, we stole the word's own setup between Malcolm X avenue and the suitland Parkway single lane gets you by as well. D.C. two 95 traveling instant and free, three 95 6 95 freeway also moving well in both directions. Over in Virginia, we are backed up on the eastbound side as 66 the roadwork is set up between nutley street and the beltway, single right lane does sketch about you again with delays, no problems, thus far, over on the westbound side of 66 decent right on the bell William Virginia. No issues to report on three 95 or I 95, pretty good ride along the GW Parkway. In Maryland, prince George's county, the road where it's set up. On the outer loop of the capitol beltway, approaching the area root for Pennsylvania avenue two to the right getting it by with minor delays and no problems to report in either direction on the bellway and Montgomery county where a good shape on 95 and the BW Parkway between the two beltways, no current issues we can find on two 70 or on route 50 at the Chesapeake bridge currently. We do have three lanes going westbound there are two lanes going east bound. Steve dresner, WTO traffic. And now storm team four and meteorologist Samara Theodore. Temperatures in the low 50s mostly cloudy tonight, showers move in for your Monday

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