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What I wondered how David gleaned both is professional capacity and in his personal relationship with the Senator over the last couple of decades. Our toll people that Bernie is not like. Ron burgundy from anchorman. I mean, you know, that scene in one of my favorite movies where they say don't put it that on the on the teleprompter because he'll read anything off the teleprompter. Like that is not Bernie Sanders. That is not our speechwriting process. Bernie, still writes, his speeches. I mean, I in some ways the title speechwriter is a little bit of a misnomer in that. It's like speech supporter like speech helper. What I try to do is. We have a set of speeches on this. Or that issue? I try to get him the information that he needs that he's going to put into his own voice. I try to get it into his voice. But he's got a very unique voice. He knows exactly how he wants to say things. So I'm there to help get the research and the material that he needs to to put into his voice. And the thing is that his speech is if you listen to them, they are very fact driven mean, it's not it's not. A lot of rhetorical flourish. It's this is almost it's not not exactly a research paper. But like here are literal facts that that I'm telling you about the country, and in a sense. It's actually what we call in journalism. It's showing not talent. And I think that that's what he's really focused on. It's been successful for him a little bit about when you first met. Senator Sanders way relationship started shirt, it was the year nineteen ninety nine. So I was basically just out of college. I worked on a couple of campaigns. And I had sent a resume a bunch of resumes around the Capitol Hill and back, then they wouldn't tell you who you were applying to they would do these ads in in like roll call and the hill, and they say, they would describe a congress person, they would say, you know, northeastern democrat or western Republican or whatever. And and I remember I saw semi resume all over Capitol Hill to a bunch of different offices. And I get a call from Jeff Weaver, and he says I'm calling from congressman Bernie Sanders office. And I was remember thinking in my mind, wait a minute. I don't remember thinking that I had a I I don't not sure who that is like an and and then I looked up and he was the independent self described democratic socialist from Vermont, and I said, wait a minute. I thought I had only applied to democratic offices. And then I looked back at the ad, and he had it was described as a I think it was a progressive northeastern member wasn't a democratic northeastern member. So I go in I meet with Jeff Weaver to be honest after I met with Bernie, and it was a great meeting the night before I I they offered me the job and the night before I took the job..

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