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They'd put out little bits of carpet and little wooden benches. So that you can sit down and put your shoes on put your ice skates on that was a really good idea in the lake on lake because I already thought where am I going to put my skates on a calm. Imagine slide around in the ice trying to get them on putting them on in the snow. He knows what. So that's all sorted, basically. Yes. And so it's really kind of settled pupils ago that was awesome. Then what did you see? They're basically there's sort of mix of people sitting around families. Couples also one one falling spilling children on sledges. Dokes going mad totem running around some people playing ice hockey this good skaters rubbish skaters people rolling on the bums to walk on the lake. You don't have to bring your ice skates. If you don't want to. Yeah. True. I'm not an amazing skater understatement of the day perhaps. That was a little bit anxious about skating, but if you someone who's a good skater, or at least someone who you can hold onto or you die mind falling. You'll be absolutely fine. Yes. By the end of it. I was confident enough to skate back to safety alone. Took a while. But yes. The ice and numeracy's and it wasn't slippery. Yes. Oh, yeah. That's maybe something you should explain. So as is always slipper. Yes. Or no. That's the thing. Isn't it? When you see on TV. It's the ways people doing this gun of feet running most they can't stand on ice. But it's actually not like that at all. Which is weird. It was a bit rough surface. It all depends on the surface, basically. But usually if it's flat than ISIS never really that's liberate except if a small if it's a bit of snow fresh snow on until on. Yes. On top. Then if you're on shoes, it might be slippery. What even then? I mean, you saw I saw today even at least ten people falling over and no one they seem K. Indica? The other thing is it's takes lofts. I say take loft thick gloves. It's absolutely freezing. But also if you fall over your protected, you fall on your hands lean a bit forward, you will fall on your hands. And if somebody per if there is a big coincidence and somebody comes across your fingers than there are still on. So. I think you should wear gloves. Yeah. Oh, yeah. For sure. Anyway. So you put on your shoes and rice skates, and then you made your first step onto lake how was it? Grab a hold of someone. He's happy to have you grabbing hold of them. And then venture out onto the ice. Yes, mildly. Terrifying. For the first few minutes. Minus plus or minus off an hour. But once you get out when she's stagger out into the middle. It's really amazing. I mean, that's a completely unique experience. I think people totally true. I think like I said before this mountain cliffs, they come closer and closer and closer to further out to get and if you're in the middle of the lake at sometimes you also see small black holes and. How'd you say? If it's broken dice and the strikes but frozen over, but you can see small black cracks and the border borders. See sometimes holes in dice because some people go fishing is fishing Yang. You can say my stitching. Yep. Exactly. So it's it's just really magical and there are small ice stars on top and snowflake of crystals of ice flakes. Yeah. So it's really a great experience. Once you find also. Looking around. That's nothing..

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