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Dino garcia was arrested for getting business in a different way a typical scenario would go like though santa clara district attorney jeff rosen an inmate would call a bail company and say hey the new guy just scott brought into the jail uh and i think he needs bail you guys want to try to pella bailbond to him the da's investigation found that long time inmates would use promises of cheap bail or sometimes threats of violence to funnel incoming inmates to particular balch companies and exchange bail agents would pay these recruiters or give them free phone calls getting business this way as illegal because it gives those bell companies an unfair advantage and leaves inmates open to exploitation when someone is locked up in custody there in a very vulnerable position they don't have a lot of information and that's why the law says that the only person that can initiate contact with a bail company if either the inmate himself a member of the inmates immediate family or their attorney new inmates don't realize they might be released without having to pay any bail or even how to call a bail agent that's where scott cold came in scott brown however cult is currently an inmate at pleasant valley state prison and calling a california serving time for armed robbery but he spent about three years and the santa clara main jail where he says he was one of the bell agency's main recruiters how did you get the inmates to go along with that.

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