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I see through the fog in the snow a tree limbs down cut of lower than where we are and i think there's no way and now that i saw the tree limb i thought i got to say something dan before i could watch curled my body of three hard thugs and that i woke up and our was all the side of a mountain the cessna plane was just a couple hundred feet shy of making it over the mountain peak instead it had crashed into the sang gabriel mountains now it was hanging off a cliff over eight thousand feet in the air when i woke up the first time and i look around snow and kind of pieces of metal bigger drives a dream and went back to sleep woke up the second time i couldn't breathe because the seatbelt was like choking molly my stomach so i members unlatch ing seatbelt and calling out for my father i didn't hear anything back who something i had said before like when snow when in my mouth in a choking you know he pulled me out i remember that jarring me a little bit like kind of wiggled out of the seat in the first thing i saw was two feet sticking out the shoe's on it was the pilots legs and then i saw his head he was on his back and the back of his head i could tell had sort of blood out into the snow then and then i knew it was real i called up for a my father again and that's when sondra called back.

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