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John is this Kona car Hawaiian the Hyundai Kona the two thousand and nineteen North American utility vehicle. The year is not Hawaiian at Columbia Hyundai for thirty six months. Lease a new two thousand nineteen hundred for just twenty nine a month other than tax title, Twenty-three ninety nine due at signing. It has America's best warranty tenure one hundred thousand mile powertrain warranty assurance. It's Hyundai spring fever salesman at Columbia at the corner Montgomery road at I seventy five four nine two thousand see the video at Columbia Hyundai dot com. Aloha join law next for the final round all baseball season long. Enjoy more TV's than you can count the best wings ever and bud buckets and sixty four ounce. Pictures of Bud Light for just ten bucks. There's three comedian the Kentucky locations in wilder Hebron Richmond for more. Good along necsports, real dot com. Save. Fifty dollars. When you buy your next printer during brothers Inc. Red Ables savings event all their cost efficient Inc. Vestment tank printers are on sale. But only for a limited time. Visit your local retailer or Inc. Ceo radio dot com today for details. Forty-three thousand veterans receive their care from the Cincinnati VA, and you should too. The Cincinnati VA is a five star medical center ranked seventh out of one hundred thirty similar via medical centers in the US. If you're a veteran, not receiving your healthcare from your be a why wait any longer? Call five one three four seven five six four nine nine today to see if you qualify for VA healthcare benefits. Have.

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