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The senate is set to continue debating taxes the day may be voting central to all of this is a new congressional report on what is essentially the price tag for the tax overall nonpartisan analysis taken very seriously by many on the right in the left says the plan would not pay for itself as his in promised marketplace's nancy marshall ganzert joins us from washington nancy what did this joint committee on taxation analysis find well david it says the senate tax plan would add added trillion dollars to the deficit over the next ten years now republicans have been saying the tax cuts in the bill would generate so much economic growth they pay for themselves that the committee says the cuts would only generate four hundred fifty eight billion dollars leaving us and here's the important part david a trillion dollars in the whole stan collender who teaches public policy of george tan says this sippy deal i heard on the way he where it's a one time trillion dollar increasingly this is a trillion dollar increase over ten years that would be repeated again and again and again um and west significant leave the national debt so what are they going to do to get rid of a trillion dollar of this reading the senate plan tutsis the corporate tax rate down to twenty percent so you could delay that cut cuts or you could start at twenty percent but razi backup over time at war you could reinstate the alternative minimum tax on some individuals and corporations and that tax is of course in to ensure that wealthy individuals and corporations pace something in taxes but the tax overhaul eliminates it or you just ignore all devil what's next enrich lead the thinking was that the senate would vote on its tax bill to day go to a conference committee much sunday to work out differences with the house this may not be a showstopper but it's a lot more than a snag in the process it certainly more than a stag senate republican leaders are working with senators like bob corker who are concerned about the tax plans effect and the.

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