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I was on the boat with you, being liberal and us being in this day and age now where women are so powerful what their sexuality. I think it's just more important than anything not only tell a man when he's doing something wrong, but to make sure that we are getting pleased, when we're having this transfer of souls in fucking each other and is very important for us not to feel like we just need to make sure they come in that they finished. Oh my God. Did you like it was good enough in bed for, you know, and needs to be reciprocated? I think we need to tell men when maybe they're not performing the way, we would like them to perform. Yeah. And I don't think there's anything that ma'am, I need you to write that down. How you said that, though, because that was that was quite amazing. So proud. You're up to my standard. I said, what you were. I said, I, I said, I don't think what you're doing gets me off. And then I said, I just think you're techniques aren't exactly amazing. I think it's really good that you did not like Russia or fig it because he wanted to be over clap for Tori. Thank you, Oh, what what a a pair. pair. Set in this episode two. Oh. Anyway, I wanna say I had so much fun with you. That. Say the podcast. I feel like the one time we will is your bar at your house on twenty three old. Yeah. Don't do this. I mean he's very good-looking. Let me see I'm the one. Show her because so to NYU skier. That's toy. Get my phone. Yeah. Those before I'm going to show. He is very good. So see, I, I don't know what any like Jason momoa. Looks like. Career own. Now, the white man, does he looks like Brad Pitt and let me smoke. But you know why that mean that young, it's twenty three's? I can't in and why you. People loved. He's still laziest thing of sleeping with the young. I don't even know why goes to NYU thing like nothing. Study, nothing. Film. It's not good. A wrestler, wrestler confined degree is gonna have us on plant. That is true due to sixth grade. Hold on. Any all my? Liberal arts. I feel like you won't see. Well, you're looking for the listeners know where they can find your social media to our Ray or podcast is and where they can find your podcast. So our podcast is called got it from our momma. Wait. I've just got fucked great, did not are we, we, we got it from your? Got it from my mama, which isn't a good picture of him. It's like a shitting looks amateur, here he does long. But he's almost like a heavy. Rush. Please. Really? Cute though. Don't double tap it. That's our page. Whatever you want. I, I have better ones. Anyway. I. I'm it's been about a month and a half days. Does your podcast come out on? And I'm very okay. You know, okay. For wrapping up our podcast. I'm tired, you can find our podcast. Got it from my mama on I tunes or Spotify. We have an Instagram page got for my mama podcast. Facebook group as well..

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