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Yeah, the whole thing going on the cover shot is him putting in a Venetian gondola that he brought in from Italy, why the rivers of the providence river during water fire hire the gun, you can't make you can't make this up. You know this. I think you're white part. Even today. You could hire a gondola, get a picnic and debt or out yet. Part. Parts of Prantoso part wise guys. Yeah, park goodfellas. It's yet. It's all true. True to life. Yeah. And he had to be people, the city hall aids at nickname, like buckles and blackjack and Bobo, and they went to prison. They were stealing manhole covers off the streets and city garbage trucks, and it was just a it was the wild west, and buddy was they were all sitting at that dinner I was at, I think they were all sitting in front of me, say, might have been. That's right. Wallet. I found myself underneath one of those manhole covers if I kept talking. So Mike latest book on beaten. The rocky Marciano story, call them beaten. Rocky Marciano is fight for perfection in a crooked world about three quarters of the way through the book. I don't. I don't want to. I mean, obviously, I know the ending, but I, I want to go and take my time with it. You know, being in the talian immigrant and coming over from, you know, from Italy and growing up, you know where my mother and father spoke hardly any English throughout their their lives, and my father passed away. My mother still alive. She's eighty seven, you know, the way we ate at home and the way we dress and the way things were expected of you reading Rockies early childhood. It just brings back so many memories, and it's funny that we were talking about providence which is big part of your life. But providence played a big role in Rockies life, didn't it? It did, and that's how I got onto that. It was really buddy. CNC leading need a rocky Marciano because when buddy was a boy growing up in providence, his father was a doctor and he used to take into fights at the old, Rhode Island, auditory him on north main street. And this was an arena, the Boston Celtics and Bob Cousy played. Their icecapades came in ROY Rogers and trigger to Rhode Island reds, hockey team. And the big attraction was Monday night fight night and providence was the biggest fight city in wingless figure that Boston and in the early in the late nineteen forties rocky a headliner there because he was from Brockton about thirty five miles away. And he was just knocking people out and the local, especially with his talent heritage, loved him. They loved the night, the knockout punch. You know, they had this ritual where he would hit a guy and a guy would stand there. Poise and then collapsed and everybody in the crowd with yell timber. So, yeah, so rocky fought twenty eight times in his professional career, there of his forty nine fight, and it really launched him on the past to the title. Well, as you're doing, you're doing your background on on rocky. You know what, what struck you as. That moment where you know you're like, wow, I would have never guessed that. And people won't believe it. But this is what happened or this, you know, this is how it was there a moment when. As much already knew about rocky. Well, there were three. I mean, the one just understanding how vicious boxing was and just getting really in depth about reconstructing these fight and what it was like and what it reflected about our society at the time for working class people, and then the celebrity nature being the heavyweight champion fifty years ago, you were household name, boxing baseball, where the two big sports in America, and I really wanted to reflect that as well as you know, it's not aimed at a hardcore boxing fan audience, but you know rocky was and what struck me was I learned about his friendships with a lot of celebrities like Frank Sinatra, Jackie Gleason, Jerry Lewis, Marilyn Monroe, Joe DiMaggio, and I get some great stories from his nephews about encounters he had with them. But the other thing was the mafias entrenched control, boxing, and how this kinda hero immigrant on his only way out. You know, the cliche Horatio Alger story is through the ring. But he has to contend with all the corrupt forces run boxing and ultimately help do it in as a mainstream American sport. And that's why I called it..

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