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The trust was being built, but like you were saying, man, if you had told me that this was, it's a funny thing whenever you're high on a player and then they still exceed your expectations, lamella has been he's been phenomenal. And I think in the All-Star Game, specifically, like you said, this is a popularity contest. A lot of times it can when we're picking all stars, we can have too much weight on certain stats, not enough weight on the holistic picture, plus the hornets are a competitive team. They've gone from zero to here all really quickly here. They're a team that has a few pieces that work. I think that they are missing some things. There's been a lot of talk about, you know, your guy Jones isn't quite ready to be to be the big, he's not going to answer all the questions for them yet, but they have some things that could be nice if they had a rim running 5 who could space, you know, everybody, every team in the league wants that. But lamelo has been really, really productive early on. And he has synergy. I asked in the chat the other day about like players that have like synergy between them and their skill sets. Are there many duos in the league, especially young duos that have better synergy than lamella ball and miles bridges? Not really. I mean, it's a classic combination. I wrote a big article earlier in the season about that and how I was comparing them to Tatum and brown. And just like the way lamelo and bridges play off each other and complement each other, really just works well. I mean, it's like they're like the funnest combination in terms of I think if they don't lead the league and assist to each other, they're like top two or top three. And I think that could be the biggest thing holding lamelo back in the all star stuff is that miles bridges could take some of his votes too because he could be an all star also this season. Yeah, I mean, miles has been incredible. I was thinking about like if there were if there were flag football duos in the league, I feel like lamella in miles bridges would be a really good one. They almost have like a comedy team kind of dynamic where it's like lamella is like the colorful jokey kind of player and then miles is the straight man and they have this balance between each other. Obviously in transition is the place you were talking about recommending them to people who don't watch basketball or people just looking for something to watch. They're like appeal is very obvious. It's not something that's super nuanced. There is nuance there, but the fun of it. If you just, do you hate fun? That would be my argument against people who don't want to watch. Miles has had an incredible year. He's still only 23 years old, came in in that 2018 draft that has brought us so many good players in the league. He's averaging 20.2 points per game, 7.3 rebounds. The growth in his passing has been really amazing, 3.5 assists. And I was pointing to you and he's been better on ball than I would have thought throughout his career. I always kind of, you've always been kind of a miles guide throughout. I've had some sort of hesitancy to get all the way on with him as like an on ball creator. But he's posting 1.9 pick and roll possessions for game right now, but he's really getting in the lane a lot. His points points in the paint, John didn't know the PI TP, abbreviation. Anybody know that? I don't believe that's a common expression, is it? Let me know on Twitter. Points in the paint, I feel like is a cop. That is, but that abbreviation. You're just making things up now. I've never heard her letters. If it's a four letter abbreviation, it should be able to come off your tongue. It should be like, you know what I mean? Like PIT P you can't just say it in one. It's actually a letter. If I'm saying it out loud, I'm gonna say points in the paint because I'm not saving any syllables, but if I'm tired of saving typing and I've typed it so much, my phone knows the abbreviation, such a nerd, I'm like well, you know, I'm just saying, points in the paint. It's just that's one that people know. And also I didn't make that up. It is on NBA dot com in the stat section. But my point overall here is that he's getting to the rim. He's a great finisher. He's a versatile defender. He's a guy who consistently guards guys bigger than him. Did you have something you wanted to add on? I think the key point to points in the paint and the big change for miles this season, so last year he averaged 13 points a game. He was more of a spot up shooter. He shot 40% from three. And his job was really the space, the floor for other guys. He came off the bench for most of the last season. The big change this year, can you getting 20 points a game? He's taking almost twice as many twos. And that's like points in the paint. That's playing downhill. That's getting to the rim. That's creating his own shot. I think for sure, if he's not an all star, I would say miles bridges probably most improved player because he's made the biggest jump in the league. He's gone from like good player to legitimate star..

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