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City has pled not guilty to an assault charge mill Jones and assistant coach at North Carolina's Wake Forest university was arraigned on a misdemeanor, assault charge and released on his own recognizance police say Jones attacked a digital marketing expert from Florida in the city for a family wedding who thought the coach was his Uber. Driver and banged on the window of. His SUV it's alleged that Jones got out clock Sanders Sabo with one punch causing him. To land hard on the sidewalk and. Sped away Jones's. Lawyer. Calls it a tragic accident I'm Jacky Quin turkeys trade minister says Turkey is deeply disappointed by the decision of President Trump the. Devil steel and aluminum tariffs on imports from Turkey she called on the president to return to the negotiating table saying this, can and should be resolved through dialogue and. Cooperation breaking, news and, analysis at townhall dot com President, Trump says relationships between police and the communities they patrol have to improve across the country we must strengthen community bonds. With law enforcement including cities like Chicago that have been an absolute and total disaster the president is placing a lot of blame on the, local government there some are calling for mayor Rahm Emanuel to step down in governor Bruce rounder says he will not this the Illinois national guard Chicago to stem gun violence and. New Mexico property owner says he told. Authorities in late spring that he met the father of a missing Georgia boy after he. And others arrived in the area where. They then belt. Squalid. Desert compound Jason batter said today that he doesn't understand why thirties didn't read the site sooner given his complaint about the father. Sarraj wa was being salt in Georgia in the disappearance of his young son remains in that young toddler were found on, that compound in New Mexico earlier this week Well is accused of,.

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