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In the film it doesn't just relate to the people in south central los angeles it relates to people all over america and the western world and yeah watching it today at seen the film for a long time ago and i must say didn't like it on on first viewing this time i was struck actually bought the departments of the message above all i think it's disquiet pray film to have made and to trying pitch dot com today this turco elements of and the right way not an easy thing for someone who's as prominent in high profile a person's he was known for sun brand i guess type of film and especially is not to oversee camera left felton maybe us just why people forgotten about it perhaps so certainly i think the message is stove aintree perhaps know another i feel like the the main motivation behind the mistake different now is the reason the oil crises cart guys on this kind of mission for the treatise because he's got nothing left leases because he knows he's not going to win the election and he knows his criminal going to progress he's going out swinging whereas if you're like you know the rest historians chewed today but it's visa politicians who have everything to lease in this though the messages is still the same i think it's quite shocking almost the way that i'm watching that now in the the climate that we're in now i mean even at one stage he's in a in a club and he wraps about the word that got trump in trouble with a lot of feminists in in a lot of men that one equal rights for women and he does a whole wraparound this in a this way ahead and it's just did i found it quite shocking knowing what we know now and watching this back in seeing this kind of dna all he isn't he gray he's been her i can carry on speaking the truth mukul politicians to staring at now because they can it sam it's very interesting to watch in retrospect while you're rerun moisture by his motivations comes closer to spur mecca's throwing caution to the wind but actually it pays off because he gets reelected in a landslide and it's interesting we now have a guy and the highest office in america who said she.

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