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More than two hours. Finally. Yes. And his wrestling ring would come back every one thousand years the inverted wrestling ring. Had to have had that already. They've never had upside down one they had a match in the back of a semi truck. They've had like exploding rings e but not inverted. They've had the ropes up all up to fight in a ring with no robes because you imagine. Okay. It's upside down the wrestling rings upset down into your locked into these boots. That are just magnetized a face to face boot. Yeah. Exactly goal is to unhinge the other person's boots. Scaffold match. Yeah. Kinda down that match. Yeah. Jim cornet would probably fall off that thing and hurt himself. Yeah. So items in this Russell was it Vania be you get the brass knacks. You would get the belt Kenda candlesticks really flimsy trash cans and cookie trays fire extinguishers, we still haven't said steel chair steel chairs, but you can only hit in the back label. What did you find? When you break the wall when you break the wall you find Korea teen. I co- pro like HGH that doesn't show up on tests. What abilities? Do you? Do you get traversable? Yeah. Package. Rope breaks. Irish whips net. Shots you start with an Irish with? Oh, you're oh. Yeah. You play fit Finlay with an Irish whip. He wants to fight. Yeah. Hard swallow. Right. If you beat the game, this is a briefcase hanging from the ceiling you had to find a step ladder to go. Get it would be a lot worse. I'll be like alter bridge or something where would the undertaker fit? It would be a boss. Allahu card. Good Yash show up at the beginning and steal all your ability. Just like the post abilities and just kind of vanish. Yeah. Came right. They're just normal that in K just becomes a mayor halfway through. Who's the vendor? The vendor's me, gene Grisham. Grisham Erin from Ontario. Does nobody on staff go by their full legal name? Is it just Jason who does is Jan short for anything. What you'll hate.

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