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Netherlands match. On Monday, he wrote he was feeling pressure and discomfort in his chest and went for medical treatment. He spoke about it on his Spotify podcast. My body, I think, told me, even after the U.S. went out, dude, you are not sleeping enough, and it rebelled on me. And so I've had a case of bronchitis this week, wall's agent Tim scanlon says he was covering his 8th World Cup and reporting on several platforms not overworked because that's what he lived for. He celebrated his 48th birthday, Thursday. Peter ting, CBS News. FIFA president Gianni infantino says he felt disbelief and immense sadness upon hearing of wall's death. It's her first weekend of freedom in ten months. Sydney grinder landed in San Antonio, Texas Thursday night after her release in exchange for Russian arms dealer Victor boot. WNBA commissioner Cathy engelbert was asked about what's next for Britney. She needs time and space, spend time with family, being evaluated, obviously, for her physical and mental well-being. On CBS mornings, engelbert was asked about the prisoner exchange that made grinder's freedom possible. Presidents get elected to make our decisions and the administration came through and the State Department and this group and the State Department called the special presidential envoy for Houston affairs. Linda kenyon, CBS News. The Biden administration says Russia's buying drones from Iran and using them to attack Ukraine, more from CBS Pamela fall. Russia under biting sanctions because of its war against Ukraine, is turning to a ran for weapons, including military drones that they are using to kill civilians. The UK told the UN Security Council on Friday, calling for a UN investigation since both countries are breaking international law with the rogue partnership. The CDC's urging people in New York and LA to wear masks as the number of COVID cases surges. CBS's Elise Preston spoke with doctor Aaron glatt at Mount Sinai, south Nassau hospital. Probably have had over 300

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