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Eighty nine point three north highland sacramento it's five o'clock oh democrats on the house intelligence committee have released a memo rebutting claims that the fbi and justice department abused their powers in spying on a former trump campaign aide the memo had been blocked by the white house for saturday february 24th this is all things considered from npr news i'm sarah maccammon we asked a group of educators what they think of the president's proposal to arm teachers in schools when i'm educating somebody i can imagine holding in my head is evaluating whether or not i'm going to need to use a gun and trying to educate from a place of openness and warm and this 90s british pop star is making a comeback his cracked david on his new album but first the news live from npr news in washington i'm janine herbst democrats on the house intelligence committee have released what's known as the shift memo as npr's laura walmsley reports the heavily redacted memo is a rebuttal to its republican counterpart release three weeks ago written by congressman adam schiff and other democrats in the house intelligence committee the letter says the republican memo deliberately omitted that the fbi had supplied information to a foreign intelligence surveillance court that russia might be colluding with trump campaign associates the democratic memo was posted saturday afternoon to the committee's website house democrats say the fbi had ample reason to believe that carter page a onetime advisor to trump's campaign was acting as an agent of a foreign power based on his history they say the fbi and justice department acted properly and do not abuse their power or the fis a process republican congressman devin nunes has says house republicans wanted the memo released saying that it's evidence the democrats are trying to orchestrate a cover up the white house says the president in his campaign never colluded with a foreign power and that this memo doesn't show otherwise laurel walmsley npr news syrian opposition activists say there is a.

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