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Catch up on the big moments from our current cases and relive some of court. TV's most historic trials court. TV Your your front row seat to justice the murder of Dr Theresa Savers was was solved. There were two trials and a plea and now we know who was involved and who is being held responsible for her murder. It was a brutal brutal case. She was bludgeoned to death with a hammer in her own home. She's the mother of two young girls. She has a husband Mark Savers who it was one of the defendants. So there's three defendants in this case mark savers or husband Curtis right her husband's best friend from childhood slash d'appel Ganger and and Jimmy the Hammer. Rogers who is someone that Mark Savers Best Friend Curtis right net while they were incarcerated together. These are the three men responsible for this brutal horrific case taking from this Earth a woman a mother a doctor who tried to ease the pain of all for patients and not only that she was really philanthropic. She was really trying to help people. In general you know really a very very very kind soul and one of the many sad things involved in this case is that nobody thought there was any problems with his marriage. I mean the the police please interviewed the MOMS. Everyone was still so stunned. That that marks vers even have the capacity to do something like this I. It's unreal There was a five million dollar life insurance policy or policies were in effect and clearly. Were part of the motive here it was about money And it was about being an awful awful human being but we have three cases right. You've got the case against mark. SIEVERS demand orchestrating. Everything car. Curtis right the one. He hires and the one who testifies to different trials. That's how he is the one who had a hammer in his hand and bludgeoned her while she's looking in his eyes asking him why and then Jimmy and there was a trial for Jimmy. The Hammer Rogers who was also implicated by Curtis Wright as coming in and helping to murder. Dr Theresa's Everts After Curtis writes started the attack so the trial Jimmy the hammer rogers results in a second degree murder conviction for him that jury sorry did not believe that he ever had a hammer in his hand. And that's be even even though his name. Is Jimmy the Hammer. They didn't believe he had a hammer in his hand and he was found guilty of second degree murder. Mark was found guilty of murder and curtis right. Took a deal. So let's talk about the sentencing for the for three defense case and we'll begin with mark savers Because it was up to the jury to decide take a listen we. The jury unanimously find that Mark Fevers should be sentenced to death. Yes if your vote impose. Death is less than unanimous. The Trial Court shall impose a sentence of life without the possibility of parole data this tenth day after September in Lee County. Florida death for the ringleader. Now Jimmy the Hammer. Rogers was also facing a potential death sentence but because he was only convicted of second degree murder was facing twenty two years to life. Here's what the judge did with the Hammer. I think a life sentence is warranted as as a PR's warranted and so that it's clear on appeal even if I didn't do the PR are given this back pattern and How horrendous it was I think in his involvement I think life sentence even without pr would be warranted? Life for Jimmy the Hammer Roger. So he gets the the maximum that he could have gotten for a second degree murder sentence. Meanwhile Curtis Wayne Right the one again who bludgeoned her to death. Yeah the one who had the hammer in his hand. The one who's looking in her eyes as he's doing this it's twenty up to twenty five years because he co-operated that's why right yeah. Niches get the benefit sure and here's from my perspective as a former prosecutor looking at it. I believe the person person who is most culpable in this case is mark. I agree with that but everything to action so I think as a prosecutor you look at the case that way and you say okay. Whatever I do I've got to make sure I hold him SPA escape? Because he wasn't there I agree with that. He's the mastermind. I agree with that. A lot of people find it difficult to accept that that he should be held the most responsible because he was in a different state because he was not involved in the actual act of murder. But I completely really agree with you. Because you've said this but for Mark Cevers two receivers would not be dead so I cannot attack prosecutors here for giving Curtis right the twenty five-year deal because without him. There's no way that they get mark cevers. I think it's an impossible case against him. And then I think Marcie escapes justice and then raises those two girls which to me tragedy of all. Listen you said and this was the first death penalty case where a jury actually shortly came back with a recommendation of death rights since the relaunch. Of course we've had we've had other defendants including homicide Maniac Got Nelson. Yeah ask for the death penalty and and grandma grandma who took out his mother father and brother and tried to frame his brother for murdering his mother and father and committing suicide which the jury didn't buy Henry Suguira a girl who took out a mother her six year old twin daughters and their three year old child and he got life as well. Well so it's not easy to get the death penalty floor. We did not think I just did not think that was going to get death. And maybe because of that history. Since I've been here but I am still. I'm in disbelief. That they actually gave him death to me. That is the case and one of the reasons I like to cover. These cases is it makes them more high profile. And maybe and I know people argue there is no deterrents in there but I just want all those spouses out there. Who Don't want their spouse around and are afraid to get a divorce because you're either to cheaper whatever? That's a good that this could be you. This be you if you decide to go down that other road so from my perspective this was the right call by prosecutors and justice was served Jimmie Rodgers will never get out if curtis first wainwright gets out. He's an old man and just a look ahead. I believe Curtis Wayne Right is due for sentencing in February of two thousand twenty. We'll be on. We'll let you know what happens approach. You know what's also happening in two thousand twenty the.

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