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But there is a virtual Mona Lisa Xperia he's modern nineties they juggle the activation is packed so I meet the Vinci biographer Sam's Bromley at a cafe nearby he says the show especially the notebooks and drawings gives visitors a good sense of how different she wore you can get into his brain and try to see how how we for for example some of the drawings are really impressive because on the same page you have geometry machinery is awesome clouds in the cold you can find very small holes in the fighting and virtually he used to feeling is to work doing everything at the same time mommy says da Vinci showed on limited curiosity from an early age and by the time he arrived in France he'd mastered many disciplines from engineering to philosophy to sculpture only says they all informed his painting everything exists in the world to be a pain to get yeah but in order to pay the one that is are you have to know geology and that to me all of the muscle of the fans react and views you get very well despite his talents da Vinci faced competition in the end of his life from Rafael and Michelangelo's in new stars of Rome and that's when king falls while the first invited him to France when you receive this for a living Tatian home is shown king of twenty two years old comments resist he has to accept false what some braces family now owns da Vinci chateau which is open to the public that food will cause at all presumptive a guy could have hosier flawed takes a group of tourists through the shadow the clue say in the town of armed wise Jeff what says da Vinci came here three years before his death may be another driving she crossed the Alps on your back and arrived here with his free masterpieces eventually may have actually traveled to France by river no one knows what he did arrive with three treasured paintings Saint John the Baptist the virgin and child with St and and the Mona Lisa let you fall flat simply says da Vinci made the journey because king false why I invited him to imagine and build a new French capital in the low our valley near where the chateau stands it was a white I mention given to you or not davinci and with a pension and we decide to first painter first enginer as far as I can thirty of the king and also we've detained of NASA and the love of the way of course so he was happy and at that time the city of arm was was the cradle of the French renaissance so the court spoke Italian this year half a million visitors have come to the close to say to field of energy spirit chateau in the house where he was born in Italy our is only known residence is still standing tourists to Valerie shall use as the Vinci is special to the French you live a long time.

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