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Traffic and weather on the 8s here's Ian Crawford in the WTO traffic center. Back to the Virginia beltway, Dan, we're going to start on the inner loop coming from the Springfield interchange and from I 66 trying to get to the legion bridge. The crash after Tyson's and after the dullest hill right at the doll's toe road, I should say, New York City 45, blocking the right side now. Some of that is barreled off because of the ongoing construction that's they have already set up there. But suddenly, at least one lane may be blocked staying to the left with caution to get by the crash inner loop near the dulles toll road exit 45 outer loop not affected 66 nice and quiet wet but quiet between haymarket and the rossland tunnel, but all this comes with a very, very strong caveat, lots of high standing water even as The Rain starts to slack off. We still got a lot of high standing water and a lot of spots is going to take a while to dry all this out and without a lot of volume on the road. It's not going to dry out very quickly, extra caution, more following distance, less speed to get from here to there. Maryland, on the VW park, we were part of a crash northbound near the capitol beltway first responders on their horses looking for it right now. Crash activity coming out of Baltimore through Glenn Bernie, it's going to be I 97 southbound near Baltimore and apple is boulevard at 16, the crash to spin out over on the right side blocking the right lane. There was a crash investigation in suitland, silver hill road, both directions, roughly between the suitland Parkway and suitland road near swan road following police duration to get past the crash activity earlier crash activity in the district D.C. to I two 95 southbound near south capital street and Drake's anacostia bowling hopefully that one is out of the roadway by now. Ian Crawford traffic. Thank you. Now to storm team four meteorologist Steve prince of alley. Major changes in the forecast as we head into the Christmas holiday weekend in the meantime early on Friday

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