Hanley, Heroin discussed on Red Sox Review


The hanley on the phone during the arrest then that could be beginning and end of this thing but as hanley's agent came out and said today look this is this is not okay hanley's agent reporting that hanley's involvement in this matter was reckless in a responsible it's unfortunate that one careless inaccurate story could generate such widespread negative and damaging coverage the fact is this now and forever no matter what happens whether hanley's completely clear to this thing tomorrow there's going to be an association between hanley and all these criminal activities hanley and and quite possibly the worst street opiate in the world right now because all the addition of all the heroin is what's killing people one little one little flavor i mean it's a joke but it's not i mean sentinel can kill people just by breathing it yet to wear has met suits to be around it drug dealers stretch out the heroin and make it more potent by taking just the tiniest little speck of sentinel and adding into the heroin that's what they do so a tiny bit affecting all lasts forever i mean you you take it you add a little tiny tiny tiny bit to the heroin and the heroine gets extra potent and now suddenly people come crawling back to that drug dealer for your super potent heroin and that was an awful thing hanley to be involved in especially in this state at this time when we're dealing with all of this with the opiate crisis here it was a terrible look not only for handling but for the red sox to even have somebody sort of involved by extension so you see why the globe took a more conscious approach and why the globe actually went out there and did some investigative journalism it appears here and now the latest news is that maybe hanley wasn't involved at all and he was just victim of a friend trying to get out of trouble and dropping hanley's name so we'll take your thoughts your phone calls on hanley in your opinion i mean do you buy what the globe is selling today is this something that is plausible to you guys or is this just another excuse for a big time athlete is this just people coming together on hanley side trying to get another athlete out of trouble or do you believe it.

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