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Who has really had a history of being very very awful to women and really what being a Supreme Court judge represented for me? Was the thing that I was protesting. And what kind of message. It sends to women about their stories and their value. And I was kind of like these female cops and I'm like how do you feel like this is interesting like we're in this house of like white men then and you're like arresting another woman for like kind of standing up for women. What's that like you know it was? It was interesting very interesting experience and just seeing how politics work work. It's nasty. It's amazing to see. I think people get confused. They see this hot sexy girl who most naked and swimsuits and lingerie. And then she's like a feminist the minist- yeah and she's an activist. Yeah and defined. What does that feel like for you because I think on one side you know how you feel yeah on the other side just people who were for you yeah? Most people who aren't about what would has that transition from modeling to activism been like for you I mean it was never transition for me like they were most consistent like they were always parts of me like I think as women were so multifaceted like I think that we maybe more than men are trained to sort of like play many many different roles and I feel that way myself like I feel like this like sexy Mama Who sometimes wants to like? Play it up and show the world and like own my body and you know for me like when I post sexy photo in some way feels like me. You taking like a reclaiming of the ways that I can't control the ways my image are used to you know so for me. It was always kind of. I don't WanNa say that posting those photos is activism because it's not but it certainly some kind of expression of being a woman right and so it's it's complicated but for me. There's no contradiction contradiction between how I dress or how represent myself and having opinions like what like. That's that's the problem and that's why I've gone so hardened pardoned that space because unlike the fact that you guys are pointing this out that's where the evidences that sexism is so alive and well you see a woman who's at all sexy representing herself in that way you assume that there's nothing else there which is just so crazy and like we cannot teach girls that if they want to be smart they have to shut off that other part of themselves they should be able to celebrate their bodies and like feel good unlike sometimes how they feel good might be a response to misogynist culture or patriarchal culture like wearing a Alesi. Thong like that probably comes from some weird shit that I don't really want to think about right so it's super complicated but my point is that feminism is about choice and women shouldn't be constantly being shamed and I think we carry a lot of shame with us so for me. The one thing that women shouldn't have to worry about is whether whether or not they're going to like show their tummy To be taken seriously. No there's so many people who just have issues with like a naked girl talking talking about social issues but you just said like that's not your activists that's also the point. Yeah like why. Do you have an issue with that. What do you have an issue fast? You talk about when we talk about this all day. I love that for years so I change. I'm changing my perspective is evolving as I change in a vault to what your new perspective on feminism today. You've got a long way to go for a minute there when metoo was really like happening and and you were talking there was all these conversations around representation in Hollywood. I was kind of feeling like oh we really are living in an era but then you you live it and your like no. We got a ways to go. I was just on site with a photographer. I really love and he kept talking about like well. These days gotta be really careful gotta be really careful and it was like boo hoo you know. And then I have like a nineteen year old model male modeling modeling with like unnecessarily like Kinda sides his hand down onto low. Those are the kind of thing and I'm working with a client. That like pays my bills right so I don't want to be difficult but I also I'm like I need to stand for something right now but the fact that it doesn't feel like of course like I feel like such an outspoken woman compared to so many people working in our industry right and I still like had a minute of like to say something you know because you don't want to be difficult you don't WanNa be too. Don't you feel like it's your fault. I'm sorry I do. I'm like well I guess he felt like he could touch my butt right and something I did must have made him feel like that right which is no way to think I still have moments like that too. I think that at a certain point in my life I- calloused myself off and I'm sure you'd the same thing like because that comes with wanting to work really hard you're like I'm just GONNA put my hand down. I'm going to deal with this bullshit. Move on but eventually you realize that if you do that you're allowing for them to repeat that behavior to other women and it. It really is coming out of protective feeling. I have towards other women that I now want to be more outspoken about this stuff. Okay between modeling Acting Designing Dogma. A wave what else are you doing. Well I'm writing. I mean that's kind of the the other thing I'm doing. I think that for me and I'm sure you feel the same way like all of these things don't feel like separate categories when you're really being creative and like happy and thinking being in using your brain and strategizing so yeah anyway that I can do that I do it I love it. What's big what's next? I mean the way that the company's expanding reading I'm starting to produce my own film stuff which I'm really excited about. That's cool with this amazing producer. John Killick you're in word and I'm producing so just trying to take the reins girl take the reins own at all. Yeah same to you thank you. You're doing we we have to. Yeah as and you're you're going to be an actual mom not just not just so excited you're gonna be such a good mom really okay so at the end of every pretty a big deal we do a little bit of a lightning round and I just want you to fill in the blank. Okay great okay. I pretty much always. That's so general. This is hard. What do you do every today's drink black coffee every morning? Hot Black Coffee for me to every day. I love that all addicted. What's the biggest lesson you've learned this year to your What's the biggest deal you've ever made? I made a big deal out of this or this is like money or I. Don't the biggest deal I ever made is yet to come. I'm about to make real big deals out of lots of things okay. MORADA is a pretty big deal but I wanNA know what is a pretty big deal to you the female friendships I have in my life. I love that really close female friendships. That I have are really big deal to me. I get that and I love that night. I'm right there with you. Thank you emily. A this is so awesome just to come and sit next to you and your presence so exciting all right. Thank you so much for joining this pretty big deal with Emily Radnofsky. We WanNa hear from you on Instagram and twitter. So make sure to go to pretty big deal and you never know we might just be reading your comments right here right now. Pretty big deal is produced by pretty big deal productions an lovie sound..

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