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So for the Rams it's been pretty good the this is the the previous two times they were the final unbeaten team in the NFL. They went on to reach the Super Bowl, two thousand one. They ended up losing to the patriots in the nineteen ninety nine season. They beat the titans, but and I think you were on this note a few weeks ago. The recent history of the final unbeaten t down the NFL is not great. No, the two thousand six colts the last time. The final. Unbeaten team in a season went on to win the Super Bowl and that that's about twelve seasons ago now at this point. So it's while it's a great start for the Rams. Historically, it is not meant an automatic Super Bowl. Nobody been very impressive so far they've been about as impressive as any team. Most impressive part to me is that is the last two weeks when they haven't been as dominant, I think is the word as they were in the first four, but they find a way to win. And that's what great teams do their resilient. They've really are a, let's go from one great team and one great situation to another Tom Brady on beatable. We saw what he did to Patrick Mahomes on Sunday night. Quarterbacks who are under the age of twenty five in the regular season are now owing twenty four and Foxborough against Tom Brady and Bill Belichick. Now, Tom Brady gets Mitchell Trubisky. What do we make of this matchup another variation on the age discrepancy. So fifteen years older, Tom Brady when he's at least fifteen years older than the opposing starting quarterback. Seven and own his career wins over guys like Mahomes, Jared, Goff Shawn, Watson, Marcus, mariota. We have another situation with this week trubisky's twenty four years old Brady forty one. So the the history of these young quarterbacks against Brady specifically is not been great. And the other thing that I'm looking at in this game, Matt Nagy his first game as the chiefs offense coordinator last season was against the patriots week. One forty two points. We saw what Andy Reid. Obviously the same school did to the patriots in week six on Sunday night. Forty points. Maybe another shootout there. I think they'll be some points Gordon Chicago. That should be an interesting game on Sunday between the bears and the patriots and the team for mentioned team. The talked about the chiefs, they now head back home for what turns out to be big game. Very interesting, two weeks and road. The chiefs are now on in primetime so everybody can see Patrick Mahomes in judge himself about how good he is or isn't. So what does it mean. Patrick Mahomes is now headed back home. So while we've all seen Patrick Mahomes at the the home fans in Kansas City haven't seen Patrick Mahomes a ton. This will only be their third home game this season. He leads the league with eighteen touchdown passes, but fifteen of those have come on the road. That's strangely enough already. The third most road touchdown passes in a single season chiefs history, but now chief still despite the loss against the patriots five and one, they head home three of their next four games will be at home, and then we're already starting to look ahead week, eleven chiefs Rams Mexico City. So the chiefs will be at home for for an extended stretch here for three of their next four of the next month before that huge matchup. So the the, the home, Kansas City fans will get to see plenty of Patrick Mahomes play, but they will not get to see him on November nineteenth, Monday, November nineteenth, Mexico City get treated the game of the season preps, right? The Rams and the chiefs Monday night football set your DVR your schedule..

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