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Day after the right now traffic center with us all morning long as she is over the weekend are meadowland land room making sure wherever you're gone you're getting there on time and this is kind of like a holiday even though it sufficiently a work day kind of a holiday monday morning right that's what you're seeing on your cameras and screens our manner and that's true and if you get to work in zaire vase way now what i was late because a traffic no you're not telling the truth because it's so light out there and then what you should say as you should have given us all the day off which is what most of or a lot of employers were doing on this day before the fourth of july because you know mentally people deserve or at work luke any way non now at the weekend and tomorrow or a so a good luck and explaining why you were a little late to work this morning because there's nothing out there correct that is so right traffic version sponsored by the american red cross families affected by disasters urgently need support healthy american red cross provide meals in shelters those affected by disasters big and small donate to red cross disaster relief red cross that orrick once again still light volume on the roadway showing no reports of any accidents right now construction closes the route ann arbor trail west between worn avenue and north telegraph road lange on wjr traffic first on the fives now from the law fontaine chrysler dodge jeep ram of saline weather center just some lingering showers pushing through maybe a thunder shower early than developing sunshine beautiful day today eighty two degrees tonight clear comfortable having a 59 on the fourth mostly sunny eighty two from the weather channel i'm meteorologist ray stagich on news talk seven sixty wjr phil mostly cloudy start this monday morning but the sons common i was up this morning rose at five fifty nine and certainly will see the sun before this day is done as it sets at nine twelve denied as the day's gets shorter.

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