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Jacob he needs a job like during a sunday morning jazz showed under the guise this kind of talk slowly and put the audience fact put the audience back to sleep uh tom is up next in dayton go right ahead tom paul george your show give did what i haven't put on a couple of years but uh norm new norm late live an upstanding uh sarasota but i'd like to see if they're going to move with the st louis this tournament why would they move this two wool board two safety four times or a orlando uh you know if they're going to just stay in states that we have teams that they don't always have to be an an hour tennessee anymore do they tom let let me give me give you a little backstory when missouri was admitted to the sec believers might slide the legendary commissioner felt it was important to uh to reward missouri fans about putting the game here to try to continue to grow this audience i mean this is a this is an incredible sports town as as most people know and said that that decision was made i believe it's going to tampa in five four or five years it's been to tampa in the past but for the most part it doesn't go to atlanta anymore it's primarily a national them i don't take whatever go to louisville though because louisville as uh i mean that they have the facility of course but i just think it.

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