Serena Williams, Barack Obama, President Trump discussed on Kim Komando


Speaking out for a second day. I'm Roger stern Fox News after two years of being low profile. Former President Obama followed up yesterday speech criticizing President Trump with a campaign appearance in California today, he stumping for democratic congressional candidates telling people the nation suffers when people don't vote it's not one individual. It's not. One big super Pac billionaires. It's apathy, it's indifference. Meanwhile, White House national trade council director Peter Navarro's pushing back against former President Obama for comparing his economic numbers with today's strong figures what Obama's trying to do is claim credit for the president's success though. Economists say the current economic expansion began during the Obama administration a dramatic ending to the US Open's women's finals with top seeded. Serena Williams, not only being upset but also getting a one game penalty from the empire. Williams was assessed. A second set code violation for illegal coaching. Serena told on player Carlos Rommel's. It was just a thumbs up signal after a second violation for breaking a racket. Serena lost one point. She also demanded an apology for being labeled a cheater following third violation for verbal abuse. Williams lashed out. Courtesy ESPN Williams. Lost the match to Japan's Naomi Osaka. Tally Fox News. This is the first grand slam title has for the Williams controversy her coach later admitted to ESPN that he was indeed trying to signal her. He says.

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