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Pull around the country have finally started voting. But the legal war over whether all of those votes get counted is already intense on Kai, right and on the United States of anxiety. This week, we report from Wisconsin, where community organizers have spent months trying to rescue democracy from a pandemic now Parts of assault on voting itself. Join me for the United States of Anxiety Live this evening at 6 93.9 FM, Am 8 20 of you in white. Coming over. These are in the next few minutes, took his treating President Trump Fork over 19 so he could be discharged tomorrow Monday, but also admitted today that he had been given oxygen. Also, we'll talk to Sweden's top infectious disease expert was the country write to charge a different course to its neighbors. Massai Corona virus, and the lack of new blockbusters may force thousands of cinemas. All that's coming up after the news. BBC News Doctors treating President Trump say he is continuing to recover well from covert 19 and might be discharged from hospital as early as Monday to be monitored by white tiles. Medical stuff. Doctor said he had been put on supplementary oxygen but didn't clarify how many times President Il Amalia of of Azerbaijan has asked Armenia to set a timetable for withdrawing from the disputed region of Nagorno Carob Bach as a condition for ending military action. Mr Elliot also demanded an apology from Armenia. His statement came as fighting intensified between the two sides. Voters in New Caledonia in the South Pacific have narrowly rejected independence from France in a referendum. President Macron said he welcomed the show of confidence but would also listen to separatists. Police in Belarus have used water cannon to disperse. Protesters have again gathered in Minsk to call for President Lukashenko to stand down. Tens of thousands of people joined protests in cities across Belarus for the eighth Sunday in a row. A policeman has appeared in court in Chile after being arrested for allegedly throwing a teenager into a river during a protest the officer Denys deliberately causing harm to the protester. One of the biggest matches in Italian football has been called off for the last minute after Napoli failed to turn up to play you've enters due to row about Corona virus tests. The dispute started when to Napoli players tested positive for covert 19, prompting the local health authority to order the team to remain in isolation on not to travel to Turin for the match. The legendary Japanese designer cancer. Takada has died at the age of 81 from the Corona virus. Kenzo was the first designer from Japan to make it in the competitive world ofthe French fashion. BBC news. Around next the latest on President Trump's health. But first we're going to turn to Kenya, where two people have been killed and several injured in clashes between supporters of Kenya's president Hurricane Yetta and those backing his deputy William Ruto. Rival supporters pelted each other with stones and burnt tires. A CZ Mr Rooter attended a church service in a political stronghold. Of the president. BBC Africa's manually Guns in Nairobi has been telling me more the ban tyres on the road. They were pelting stones at each other than police had to use tear gas to try and disperse them. And this also moved on to the church where the deputy president was supposed to be. The police unfortunately, threw tear gas inside the touch, and they had to stop the proceedings at some point. Deputy president himself has apologized and condemned the clashes that happened and asking for a bit of come among the his followers and the followers of the president to looking ATA. They have these two men being rivals in the past, but had been in a political alliance. Why have they fallen out now? In 2012. They came together. They had that case off people's election violence of the International Criminal Court, but it did come together with the promise of uniting the country because off the huge tribal divisions within Kenya. They also pledged to deal with corruption but within the government itself because they've had to share some of the Cabinet positions. It has been very tense over the years. The deputy president wants to run for office in 2022. The only problem is that some people who are like to the president himself who cannot are opposed to his bid to run for office, and this has created Ah, huge tension and summon lease have actually said. That the tensions that are being witness right now in the country who turn out Unfortunately to what we witness in 1007 when they're bloody clashes, tribal clashes that led to the deaths off more than 1000 people. Quite a complicated situation in the country right now, why the president's supporters so opposed to Mr Ruto standing given that Mr Canasta Constand again, can he The political alignments in the country, and what the allies off the president have been talking about is they do support different candidate in the 2022 elections there supporting the former prime minister in Kenya? Who's the opposition leader, Raila Odinga, and therefore they see The campaigns by the deputy president as being premature so on one and they say that the country should be concentrating on issues that have happened in the country, particularly also the covered 19, which has hugely affected the economy of the country. They said the deputy president should be addressing those issues rather than campaigning. On the other side Deputy president has been saying that he wants to lay ground for addressing poverty, unemployment, particularly among the youth and just to go to the doorstep of the president and told this functions that he has been holding scene that's quite aggressive towards the agenda that the president wants. It was the BBC's Emanuela guns speaking to me from nine.

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