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And all that took a mighty hit by pulling it because he was just like disgusted that they didn't get it. Then he reworked the edit, and he would also shoot so many different versions that sometimes there's different takes of allegedly like five different versions of husbands floating around. He had one that he showed the 'financiers. Peter Falk told a story that everyone was applauding. It was a big hit a lead over to Peter Falk said, hey, joy it, man. 'cause that's the last time you ever gonna see version like he just put together together indecisive. So the killing between bookie the I got to see that one. The there was some rare print like the leading expert on junk cavities works in Boston abuse. So I used to live in Boston. And he screamed at once, and it was, you know, when you're watching a movie like I gotta soak this could I'll never ever see this again. But now, thankfully, it's available in the criterion box. And isn't it beautiful? It is and back to Woody Allen another woman with. And one of my all time favorites at the top. Yeah. I mean Samantha. What's her name? She was in the river rat. She was in. I Martha Martha Martha Plumpton. Yeah. Another amazing actor credit who we don't get enough of. Yeah. Amazing in that Mia pharaohs incredible in that. But general in that. Oh, what a powerhouse. That woman is. And which brings me to another favourite, many and Moskovitz. Oh my God. Yes. Cavities incredible incredible credit by her an incredible movie about I think it's a movie that all gay men should see all people in general point about about not about forgetting about that you have type of. Yes, exactly, exactly. You think you fucking know what you need all mapped out. You know? Exactly. Yeah. I mean, I'm always ready for a nice big Bush. You know, but it doesn't. You know? But it doesn't have to be that answers one of our standard questions. I mean, it was pretty obvious from the seventies guy thing. But yeah. Yeah. Full bush. Absolutely. Yes. Stanford. Nothing less. Thank you. Yeah. Yeah. I'm not a Nazi about. Goodness. I mean people have, you know, people have personal, you know, exactly, you know, far be it for many of us are God. I did I did say to a guy once I was like. I said, oh, you should let that grow. Because I think it's really hot, you know, express my personal pain. But he was really offended. He was like the fuck. Do you think you are? Mind your own fucking business. I wasn't really trying to. I wasn't. I mother. Like, you know, throw pillow with nice. And by the way, it goes. Terry cloth. Chenille or whatever. Oh, man. I had an experience like the guy that I picked up at the park during my really heavy park phase park. Like, my dogging. Yeah. Yeah. It was a very very long long drawn out the phase, which continues to this. And I went home at the sky. It was like one of those sorry for the TMI crowd or whatever. But it was one of these guys sort of disgusted me in a sexy way. And I got hard. And I went to his place and everything was blue. And there was blue light coming into the room through blue hurtin 's blue shack carpeting away, and then motherfucker went and put on blue velvet that blue album from Enya. Oh my God. And it was like cut to sane from human centipede parts full sequence..

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