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Arthritis or if you're like me had experienced your share spring and toys the knees now you can feel the change in weather before the weatherman does your these quote unquote aches and pains like they can really make it extremely difficult for you to engage in high calorie burn slash high impact workouts. Like running p look who has a history of ankle and knee itchen certainly certainly benefit from adding machine machine workout into their fitness routine. Adds up at its. It's also important to use the right form and technique when ruins you avoid injury in the first place you know that's more or less. That's a huge reason by working to begin with. You're trying to become stronger in and reduce your injury especially if you have a history of lower back issues. If you're new to rowing up getting some guidance from a fitness professional aka a personal trainer before using the roller you have to remember that just like most exercise machines you know too much of anything when using poor techni will eventually result engine so you to use them. She say because let's face it. This is important the second benefit of rocio workout. His it's versa. Time i mean running machines. Giving the opportunity to perform will high intensity interval training workouts but also great for endurance training through say cardio training so be able to both types of workouts. You know the hit and the steady state cardio You know this gives you a super super efficient workout middle time and the cardiovascular benefits of a rowing machine workout whether whether you're doing a hit workout war longer slower session. The benefits are nearly unparalleled. Their unmatched be like this piece of machinery and the workouts that you can do with it. These are pretty much open to a large variety of people late. You can get a wide variety of people of different ages and different sizes doing the fishing cardio swept building calorie shredding workouts. On that you know and again these workouts are more or less of zero impact format perfect for people with joint issues and stuff like that and so busy on this calorie shredding holy is number green or benefit number free of calorie melting. You know so simply put you easily burnt out some serious calories in this you know all this battles and remember that one. The number one tisch to losing weight and easily sliding a two year japhet. This is calorie deficit. You know so if you're able to torch and melt a serious amount of calories in a minimal amount of time and hey why not do it am i right. You know engaging all the muscles in your body increases your artery and this provides a top notch cardio workout. That's similar to what you might experience swimming vigorously like michael workout. Just thinking about the some ribbed. Starting at the end of the month actually lose supposedly the fastest swimmer in the world right now like now. The michael phelps retired. He's like the new. Michael phelps can't remember eczema the hell on it. I don't want to veer off topic too far here but we're talking about rolling being a top notch cardio workout honestly as thing you know since a rowing machine workout targets of large muscles of the lower body of burn those calories quaker period and the discussion. Now that being said just exactly how many calories you burn burn your workout while that will obviously depend on the intensity of the workout anger week so there was a harvard medical school report that was published with some estimates in his publication and so according to their report one hundred twenty five pound person rowing at moderate intensity on a stationary. Rowing machine can easily burned two hundred and ten calories in thirty minutes. That's just moderate intensity. Think about that. A one hundred fifty five pound person can expect the burn about two hundred and sixty calories is eight time at moderate intensity and a one hundred eighty. Five pound person will torch up to three hundred and eleven calories in half an hour at moderate intensity. I suppose that's why. When i get up on there that just over two hundred and ten pounds. I get on there and i saw rookie. Rubbishy that calorie count goes up pretty hot and i'm only on there for maybe about fifteen minutes or so. These burn rates are identical to what you can expect the burn when using a stationary bike again at moderate pace. Increase the intensity. And you know. And you'll increase the galleries. Her in the same amount of time and what school though is that. Some rowing machines will actually let you program computer on it to alert you. When you reach a certain number of calories it you get a little alert. Let's is pretty cool. You could make for a nice little party and No precise work. You want to up warm up or hit exactly. I dunno by six seven hundred calories that drum roll the she can actually help. You hit that number exactly. It also helps you know exactly when you burned off that slice of pizza from lunch or if you want. We've dull jr with your buddies later on the name comfort benefits number four. It's a full by workout now. There seems to be a misconception or better said he perception. I suppose that rowing is at all out the upper body arms shoulders will definitely benefit. And you know. They're likely to get strong told him whatnot. But it's even better core and lower body workout. If you're performing you know the rolling exercises the right way. That's you know. I hope you argued that right right. You know that's because the power of the stroke actually comes from gluts and your core arms leader and so while rowing definitely boosts your lower body straight also builds up your other body most those unlike some of the other more common pushing exercises so movements like push ups and base prizes. They were the push movement and rowing works. Opole which ten i mean. This can balance out that muscle development for a better overall training and reduce injuries. That were all laugher since works the opposite muscles ball a plane rather than a pushing. You know you get a more well rounded workout if you recuperate both movements out there if you try to add a rowing machine to your workout you also like you know. Alternatively you can use this holding exercise on a day where you're specifically looking to do a pulling workout or you're alternating push whole and you. You can work that also your regiment into your routine but however you slice it wrote an excise just great full body workout very effective and very efficient benefit is a scalable. So whether you're just starting out with a new fitness routine or your you know if you're a veteran of rome. She makes a great addition to your fitness routine. And it also you can adjust the resistance on the machine to meet the workout harder or easier basically tailor it to your knee and had near infinite options for ways to structure program work as your specific needs and goals. This is why you're just as likely to find rolling machines in cross figians and james where you know quote unquote a knee. Athletes light visit. The roller can serve a very broad spectrum of fitness needs and goals. But it's most often a better option for iriyanto advanced fitness enthusiasts because typically. They're the ones that have a decent foundation of bio awareness and the necessary physical attributes perform the roar in a way that doesn't it to injured and now that we're talking about doing it in a safe way quote unquote you know. Let's talk about something that is super important with hang exercise really and that's robert form so when you're using a rowing machine is critical that you may take a form so you don't develop injuries or overuse. Certain muscles has one of the most common injuries. These machines is the overuse injuries. Especially as you increase the frequency and volume of exercise too quickly early on your trading ramp by this is another one of those cases were a super simple exercise to do but on that same note. It's also super simple to screw up now. Back as us in particular can also be a problem with a rowing machine so if you had a pre existing injuries such as a you know a knee or lower back injury us care. Careful when starting with rowing risk pain is another one in tendinitis. Also be a problem for some people you can actually improve your saying by simply alternating your position karmapa down type great but you want to be careful with the us you know also wrestling at anti inflammatory medication. Anything risk splints can all be used to alleviate risk paying if you're still having issues and what i suggest a visit your doctor for further advice. Intriguing is also always best check with a medical professional today. Short of any health issues such as heart disease or injuries made sure that they don't interfere with your new workout routine before you start so just a face and keeping my day. You know if you're planning on implementing some rowing easier your workouts you know and once you're cleared for takeoff quote unquote. I got a few more deaths here to keep your former unemployment and the first is always start with a warm kind kinda sounds elementary but make sure one thoroughly before you're rowing workout. So you wanna use dynamic warm up routine that has you stretching and doing easy movements. Get your body ready for some some more intense exercise. Ideally focus on posture tall. And keep your shoulders back down away from years. Don't around your shoulders forward. And don't strain your net. Hold onto your to the handlebar loose. You know that handle body. Happy grip obviously in new roy motions. Don't handlebar tight. knows agreed. Tension can lead to wrist elbow and shoulder issues later on on. Say obviously firmly but lightly. I make sense you know. Make sure you have a good grip and don't over gritted favors every now and then just a loosen them and prevent tenjin from belly up during your workout also engage. Your hat. gager has their stroke. When you're doing as you you help protect your lower back from injury and provide more power or your rowing dry with delays. I and lean back lots of people they try to do. Both moves at once but this is a recipe for lower back agent period. Say wanna do is drive your stroke with the lays ads and your legs are fully extended then lean backs leaning back to finish the stroke with your hands. You know your arms pulling that bar up to your chest and while we're talking about the just keep your hands at chance. We're talking about here and now you wanna pull the handle bar into the chats essentially in line with the nibbles while keeping your shoulders down and pointed out insides. Now don't let the hands sag down towards your belly or rise up above the shoulder. Julie you know this is not good. This is came me to shoulder so don't want to do that on the return. Slice low down. It's easy to get all wrapped up in your workout and rush the slide back up to the front of the machine but slowing down the slide actually helps you get the full benefit of each stroke and it actually leads you reset your posture and positioning to be ready for the next pool. And that's pretty much it right there. It's actually simple. Once you get the hang of it. You know you may even want to listen to this. Podcast as you're on lucci can keep all of these points in mind while you're working out just thought points you get the hang of. It would create a consistent team of working out on the roller and just remember schedule in some rest time to you know the recovery process is just as important as the actual workout. The body needs tied to repair it and to come back stronger at once. That adaptation process takes place. That's where the whole frayed process. Continue and like no new train have met and so the more you know the better you'll be so with all that said and done let's switch gears now and move onto our second set me with mighty man so in this week's installment of my man we're talking about the way most benefits of milk thistle. Now i don't know about you but i personally did hearing a lot about this quote unquote this'll lately or say within the past year or so and honestly i wasn't exactly sure what it was. You know i just. I just know that a lot of people were this up in different group. Discussions and whatnot so to tech mode as as i usually do and i found out some interesting stuff i think it will join so first of all a hell is milk thistle again. I heard the word or turn thrown around here air. But what exactly is it well as it turns out fissile actually a popular herbal remedy. That's been used for hundreds of years to to treat a variety of medical conditions including diseases of the liver and goal line essentially. It's a type of lowering as they call it but more recently missile has been promoted as a tool for encouraging weight loss but scientific evidence to support. This uses. Actually very very actually. It's generally considered safe for most people at dosages of up to four hundred twenty milligrams a day. How whatever it may actually cause allergic reaction so they were so there were a lot of people that frowned that they had these allergic. Reaction hadn't symptoms like allergies and stuff. So you might clark feeling sensations of itching or headaches and possibly joint pain doesn't sound pleasant to me but aside from all of that it's typically taken by mouth in a capsule or extract form and a although milk thistle has a decent record of safety visit completely risk free the most commonly reported side effects again being a digestive issues or symptoms like mild diarrhea nausea it addition to the headaches and itching and joint pain that i mentioned earlier. You know also there's currently and not enough evidence again say conclusively whether milk fizzle interact negatively. Were searching patients. Not so you're taking any medication and you're thinking of adding milk thistle to your well this regiment. I highly insult with your doctor. I i say like what are the benefits of for wade malls like are they're actual benefits at all. Because there's been many studies conducted but the majority of the studies again focus on its potential to treat liver disorders like cirrhosis and fatty with also been study as a potential treatment for high blood sugar for people with type two diabetes. But from what. I can tell there's little to no evidence to suggest that milk thistle actually helps or promotes weight loss though it's sometimes used to promote weight loss. There's limited reason to support its ability to enhance a fat loss or improved by composition. At all you know like one. Recent study evaluated the effects of using note. This'll extract on mice with obesity. Despite like even though they were consuming similar quantities of food the mice that received milk thistle of lost like a this study the lost about five percent of their weight while the control group while they continue gaining throughout the study so abby next not really all that conclusive my opinion. I mean were like a handful of small human studies that evaluated the effects of that not fizzle on certain metabolic symptoms associated with obesity. But that's about it. Not look at things like insulin resistance and inflammation but none of these studies have actually specifically look at its ability to promote that laws like that was a part of the study and although the results like these results were promising. These initial results. I should say were were kind of promising. A single and study does not trust the to enough evidence reliably determine whether milk thistle can actually help with weight walls in union. So i guess it's clear to see that we'll be a bit more research before we could say that he does or does not work for weight malls bottom line and it's this is that milk thistle popular herbal remedy. That's been news for its therapeutic effects for centuries this we know there's no arguing that contains a variety of compounds that have been studied as a possible treatment for liver disease and type two diabetes. Pretty well known recently milk. This has been jerez and put out there on a platform as a tool for promoting weight loss. But i don't know the advocate supporting. This is super super at this point in time. There's just not enough evidence to indicate built. This has anyway most benefits for human had. I'm sorry if you if you think otherwise you had other information or other studies that say otherwise it may me. No i would love to take a look at these results. And even though i mean milk listless pretty safe to consume. We still have to keep in mind that he calls allergic reaction. Some big ones in these studies. This is what was found. Were people getting allergic reaction so again ultimate piece of advice easier to you all out mayor who That may be considering milk. Little is to consult your doctor or natural before adding it to your health and wellness routine and so all that said accent you guys. That's my chauffeur today. Valuable nothing else. I for a little sometimes. Sometimes data listening to me very much. Appreciated next stopped doing this one exercise before you're working at night by need hard to get a good night's sleep and you definitely not want to miss that episode you love with you. Heard those want board actionable topics in the conversation with me. Any over the podcast dot com slash to roll out insiders. Can i share food. All behind. The story impacts impeach.

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