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He's the best best ami of the paul finebaum show podcast we welcome all of you back to the program nba draft conversation bottom of this hour more on the college world series in a little while right now more phone calls mark in newton mass mark was going on not much how are you doing paul i was up your way about three weeks ago i never quite got to newton os in cambridge but i'm pr probably wasn't far from your wasn't i used to live in cambridge so i like cambridge by the way yeah we'll we cambridge just a couple of minor meetings and thinking about going thinking about accepting a professorship at the harvard law school nba draft today i find it real interesting that michael porter jr will probably go in the in the top ten and that'd be as so against the one in does system because what is michael michael porter jr done from zuri he is he's scored thirty points and his entire three or for michael for missouri think about that but what does that matter why why have why have the one and done system and this is somewhat of an exception gets hurt in his first game all right fine but why why why have this system where we have michael porter jr has the golden missouri and sit on the bench for an entire year why not just let them sit on the bench of the seventy sixers well that makes sense i can't argue with you there and and just just a the just a change over to football because that's really what the show for you know we've this year is we're about one year removed from bob steve stepping down after eighteen years at oklahoma and bob stoops put oklahoma in the perfect place for succession after him and success after he left and i think you know many programs don't understand you know when you want to get rid of a coach you have to find first thing you want to look for is somebody who knows the game inside and out knows the program inside and out and somebody's a good recruiter and i think lincoln riley is both of those you know people were worried you know one year ago few about a year ago people worried about me ask you this the question isn't what lincoln riley did last year and he did well did quite well what will he do moving forward can he sustain what bob stance was able to treating classes and if you look at if you look at the two programs i agree with you but i do know some coaching friends of mine who who are not certain of of his longevity i'm just yeah that's an opinion frankly not based on he did quite well for sure is tom herman.

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