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But the fact of the matter is there are no rules governing such conduct i contend there ought to be but um but there are no rules conduct concerning a taking any on in during a national football league game so more roles more regular work co mayor this right where we don't like rules and regulations but we want rules regulations if we disagree with we'll look that the nanjing the nba they have a rule in uh in the rule book that says it went whenever the the national anthem is played you got to stand at attention no protest i don't i don't think either play basketball but if you're ever cricketing knee while carrying short hardwood it is very very uncomfortable so there's a reason why you're not sandy while you're not kneeling during the afternoon while you're playing basketball steve again i have no idea where you're coming from with with this nonsense and if you if you are a time listening to this program you know that i am very passionate about college football and i do have a problem i do have a problem with the national football league not taking a stand for america it's not right you know what but they do have a right they've got a right to decide if they are going to if they're not going to force the players to stand for the national anthem that's their right but we have a right to we have a right not to watch we have a right not to support steve thanks to the telephone call debbie thanks for the telephone call um and the the the visuals their sweet mercy nudity nudity that was amazing i i was i was following bat i was following that line of logic bear debbie that'd be brings up an interesting point good was gracious right.

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