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Learn how to make malysz. I've kind of cow Account ceremonies we. Don't kick out ceremonies there. And it was done with the ca cal so we grow in chocolate onsite so people we all the members of the retreat Cow and then. We made the cow for the ceremony from the themselves. So it's kind of like a quilting. Jeremy thing sitting around doing not get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. It's beautiful i. I've got to go to some local cure times And ca- cal ceremonies here in oregon and it's just a beautiful experience that you went to your come due to play the I'm i'm ready. I'm ready to pack my bag and come maybe right after this right now. We're we're spiking right now. I'm waiting a little bit but anna tarini season right now right. Yeah we're close right now. We're we're in the process of adding six new tree houses. That are going to be absolutely amazing. And when those Done it ready in early. November number i where reopening backup to the public for our season thirteen thirteenth year of opera be our thirteenth year of operations pow. Wow okay so. I'm i'm looking at right now at a a cover of a travel and leisure and and and there there you are. Can you describe what that room is. That i'm looking at you know i'm looking at that. Same cover to. And when. I first got the april issue of traveler magazine with a photo of the play viva treehouse on it. I thought might college. France were punking. Man had us photoshop to to make this up. But yeah this is We were lucky enough to be uncover. As part of the global envision the global vision awards twenty twenty one which travels leisure did in recognition of the work that we were as part of the founders of regenerative travel and regional travel is a movement. but what you see there Is what some people would describe as a bamboo skylab or tiki airstream. It's a cylinder of bamboo with a platform at a beautiful bet on it and the in floor hammock and it's a held up by palm trees and that is really our first tree house It was designed by comparison baldwin and it is an award-winning treehouse. of one. hospitality. Design magazines Best of show Award and was called the wave of the future. But yet this is is is now an ultra house because the new ones which are also being built at bamboo and they're designed by nomadic resorts. High bill Basically on that busy york stem the green school in bali..

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