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Now, he needs a really good defensive staff to go with them. But he's a bright offense of mind. And I think that darnold gonna need somebody like that. I think the jets, you know, Mike McKay is the general manager he's going to control everything again. You know, he's been there. He got hired him bowls came together bowls gone. Mike stays, you know, they're gonna they you know, when you look at the jets, I I think anybody in they got a lot of money to spend as they're a bad team. Even the free agents last year. I mean Tremaine Johnson did not play. Well, may they cut they cut they cut Terrell prior? They signed him as a free agent. Isaiah crowell. Very disappointing. I mean, they've got. Some issues with that team, and they're going to have to fix that. And Mike's going to have to say that to people in the interview about his role because he obviously picked all these players he and Mike ho- ham. Brian Hyman nigger are going to have to handle that when they when they sit down with coaches, and I I think, you know, is it a college coach, I don't know. But I think it's going to be an offensive coach because they need darnold. They need to get somebody to handle Barnum yet. So we'll keep an eye on that as that kind of rotates around. I mean, it is interesting because I think Sam darnold is a unique talent. And it does seem like they are very excited about the future with darnold their New York. So they AFC's there's a chance for someone to take that job there. And maybe try to start something new as you know, we may be see the latter part of the dynasty with New England Patriots as a chance for a team to make a run. They're talking about coaches who are safe and not on the job in block. Despite some of the reports that they may be could be John horrible with. The ravens comes out that on December twenty first he would remain head coach in twenty nineteen and they're working on a possible contract extension will. We'll see how that plays out another guy. Doug, we Rhone. You talked about teams that were able to keep the same infrastructure at the top the Jacksonville Jaguars despite missing the playoffs after making AFC championship a year ago. They're going to keep Doug Marrone as head coach. They're going to keep Dave Caldwell general manager in they're going to keep Tom Coughlin on staffs of the big three there in Jacksonville will stay on and continued to run operations. There says something to keep an eye on his move forward in the next season. And also the Carolina Panthers. In a lot of people were speckling. There's a chance Ron Rivera in this Panthers team could could move away from each other with David Tepper taking over as the new owner. They come out against the saints in this game. Despite Camaro doesn't play drew Brees doesn't play. We got you know, young guys out there. Cameron Artis Payne is probably the biggest star of this game. But the Panthers showed up played well in their finale. And then they probably will be saying goodbye to Ryan Kalil, Julius peppers and potentially Thomas Davis is some of the big names out there that have been around the Panthers forever. They played hard in that game. And Ron Rivera apparently will stick around. Moving forward with the Panthers. So those three coaches all and situations where they were continued to stay with their teams, and you can tell that those franchises believing the kosher that they have installed in build at the moment. Is there any one of those three Lombardi to kinda sticks out to you or your possibly surprised that they are willing to come back?.

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