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Under arrest in utah eleven days after a university student went missing boxes japan also with more live lisa salt lake city police chief mike brown says that twenty-three-year-old mackenzie luek was the victim of a murder all confirmed by the surge of a home this week fresh digs in the backyard in a burn pile which resulted in the finding of several chart items that were consistent with personal items of mackenzie luek other charred material was located which has now been forensically has been determined to be female human tissue nigerian-born suspects now booked into city jail awaiting formal charges police say was digital footprint text messages that linked the two who apparently met up at a salt lake city park at three a._m. on june seventeenth lisa thanks jeff former vice president joe biden defending his civil rights record my heart out to ensure that civil rights and voting rights equal rights are enforced everywhere this after being challenged repeatedly by senator and fellow presidential hopeful kamala harris kamla harris during last night's democratic debate the discussion in this race today shouldn't be about the past we should be talking about how we can do better how we can move forward biden speaking at an event with the reverend jesse jackson the rainbow push convention a short time ago and pledging to be a president who stands against racism life in prison for the white supremacists to struck and killed a counter protester with his car during a white nationalist rally in virginia two years ago james fields junior just sentenced on federal hate crime charges apologizing in court for the hurt and loss he's caused and saying he regrets his actions he'll be sentenced again on state charges next month for the death.

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