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Yeah i'm more on your side than you think. I would be. The one thing i would add. Is you give the rim a little wash lips have been there some of been over this thing. Just give the rim a little raw. You know it's funny. Brian's right for me. It's the lipstick quote at what i do. I just rinse it out. And i just take a paper towel stuff. Squeegee that lipstick off right. We've crossed a new threshold in society as it pertains to podcasting if you've found that commercial max pat but i've said it a million times study the commercials and see where we're at as a society because they they're a little snapshot but also commercials can't be confusing. The half to sort of you can't go one of those people. No i don't know what that is. I don't know. If that activity is traditionally they would show people in the kitchen cooking and then they talk about life insurance ham sitting on a swing out in the yard drinking coffee and they would talk about some pharmaceutical something or riding a bike or something like that we are. I i'm gonna make this prediction By the way all couples are now mixed on on television right. Now we're stage in two thousand twenty one where when the kids are involved. They're a mixture of the culture. I say coming soon. White woman black man asian kids. I think that's gonna be the next one that's right because there's a spot open right get an ethnicity and their. Wow or they'll be wearing my new invention which is the best. She's me how's that work like. They take pictures and talk about diversity and all that kind of stuff. But we can't tell who's gay we can see the black guy the white guy and the guy in the wheelchair but we can't find guys got the dog but we can't tell who's gay very offensive mincing or something like company photo or something like that. This has been tried in history before close where yellow stars star absolutely not what rainbow star. I'm going with. Yeah right secure. The yellow star is off limits so in the annals of the zeitgeist of america. I was watching. I'll do you guys one better. If you wanna really like kind of study humanity in our society watch tv commercials with the sound. Down you weirdly. Pick up more to see you to sort of focus on what's going on. I was sitting in a restaurant. They had the all star game up in a commercial ran but of course no sound. It was in a restaurant. I was just studying this Commercial i'll run of the commercial. I think it was humira. I think it was Whatever psoriasis browns. Everyone's got everyone's got something going on with the bowels these these days it's a white chick twenty eight. She's opening her garage. Sorry you can go ahead and play like.

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