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Talking about your condition yes what's it called pros opec nausea pros opec peg knows zia yes sounds like a delicious fruit salad it could be a cocktail and what is that what is that word let's see well egg knows yet it's a lack our own inability in pro though is the greek for face to face blindness this of course assigning there's a little piece of my brain that's missing in that i have a really really hard time recognising faces remembering face and how does that work is it just that you forget where you know people from now if i passed industry i can't swear that i've ever seen it before south he didn't know he couldn't string those together as all the same person having the same conversation pray no way even their first kiss he didn't realize his kissing a girl he'd actually known for years yeah so where you like totally shot i was totally blown away who was that person to you i knew it was the cheese play kurl yes the bell oh it was field housegirl so what did you say i think i just asked a lot of question in a she's interest like oh how does this work yeah i am probably said if you you know went park in started looking at trees a shapes are different their sizes are different but to try to remember thousand or two thousand eight of those how do you pick it up it's just hard it's just computational difficult yeah what details did you know about her and it was good to be with her experience of being with her i think ran ahead of my sense of her biography so if it's a leap there was a leap yeah let's titus so they embark on this relationship which you know.

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