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Going feature him. I think one of the lessons from summer league is that they've got a lot of things to work out right now about how he plays with kellyanne hayes bay and others. What is his role going to be. I know detroit fans just wanna see the in his hands. Make him the primary creator on this team. And i don't know that he's that i i think it's probably worth the experiment but i actually think it might be smart for the pistons to protect him a little bit. Continue to let killian hayes play that role even though i was pretty disappointed with the way hayes played in the summer league and protect kate a little bit. Because i'm not sure that that scouting report that we had of him out of high school has been where he's evolved as a basketball player the turnover. The sister turnover ratio concerns me. And i'm not sure that he's not going to be more of a. Chris middleton or jason tatum of type of of score secondary ball handler type of type of prospect for detroit. But with that said if he's going to shoot the ball anyway or like he shot at oklahoma state and he shot it in the summer league. This is going to be a guy who's going to average sixteen seventeen points a game. He's probably gonna have four or five assists the game four or five rebounds a game and he's going to have a really really strong rookie season if they put the ball in his hands as the primary ball handler and he thrives and improves chad. The skeptic a little wrong there then he probably deserves to get bumped up the list. There's also the possibility that put the ball in his hands and that gets exposed and if it does then there's the potential that maybe the cade bandwagon is going to get a little lighter pretty soon so be really interested to see how detroit decides the play that out but he's gotta get opportunities. He's gonna get touches. I think they are going to feature habit every way possible. The start building his level of confidence up. He is the best player on this pistons. Roster really right now. I mean jeremy grant. Maybe because he's a veteran but long-term upside is there. And so i i expect. We're going to see good things from kate. I don't know that it's going to be. Wow like twenty points a night type cade but i think we're going to a really good rookie season from k. What say you yet so the thing that concerns me the most with kate and i'm not sure it's the point that gets talked about a lot but obviously chad when we talk about cade coming into the draft. The jump shooting was a question mark coming out of high school but it was also really him not being elite level athlete. Having that awesome. I step to get by guys not everyone in the nba. Always has like you can take a look at luca danni for example who had of skeptics But the thing that luka has in his favor that cave does not have is lucas size and his strength right. If he gets even a half of a step on somebody he can hold them on his head and when he gets to the middle of the floor. That's a problem kate. Kate is not a he he's tall but he's not a big guy. He's actually really skinny when you see him up close when i got to see him out in vegas Surprised at how skinny he was on. I think he's definitely going to need to get stronger. And put on some weight to be able to leverage that aspect of doing things off the dribble. Because yeah he's never he's never going to be that leap low by guide but he needs also be able to handle the physical matchups in front of him. And so that's why. I mean i have number ten so he does make the list. But that's why. I don't think that he's going to have eh spectacular of rookie year. Either chad i think the jump shots saves him like the fact that he was able to be any league catch and shoot player in college in upwards alike the ninetieth percentile like that helps but his ability to do as much on the ball. I think as many were projecting coming out of college. That's gonna be in question definitely this year. It'll be interesting to see how that plays out for all right i. That's cade ten on his board made eight on my board. I'm sure there's gonna be some pistons fans that are going to disagree with us on this and certainly have him higher. That means we're to number nine on your board you gave us who number ten is gonna be so who's number nine number nine. The andre hunter and that is tied to health. Potentially him being this higher maybe even climbing higher. He has had some some health concerns from injury concerns. By if he is healthy he doesn't do Howard doesn't do anything that surly sexy on offense but he has become a much better. Sandstone jump shooter is a catch and shoot. Threat is another guy you can run him off the ball in different actions you can get him the ball in handoffs or or run him off screens a little bit. He's going to be able to make things happen when he gets downhill because he is not elite athlete but he is a good to great athlete. But really what sets him apart for me defensively. He is foreign away. The best defensive player on my list and out of all the guys that we've talked about today normally. I don't like reading off. Statistics in bunches chap. If you'd let me i'd like to just read off. So last year as far synergy percentiles go for it. so defensively. he was in the ninety four percentile. in terms of total defence. The seventy nine th percentile in terms of guarding the ball handler. Picket role. eightieth in spot-ups ninety seven handoffs and defending the roll man a real actions ninety third on jumpers ninety six around the basket ninetieth catch shoot opportunities in eighty eighth contesting all. Jump shots off the dribble. Where's the weakness like. He doesn't have any weakness in his defensive game. So when you're able to have that kind of player on the floor even though he might only be a third or fourth or fifth option offensively having that level of switchable defensive talent. I mean again. That's another thing that nba teams are always looking for in every draft in atlanta. It's crazy that he might get a lot of offense of opportunity not just in more of his limited skill set for recreation standpoint but they just have so many guys atlanta period in fits in that starting lineup because of his defensive versatility and he will they. We can talk about how much these guys impact winning given their so young players but his defense does translate and help atlantic keep winning basketball I really like him. He did not make my list. But i really like him part of the reasoning. He didn't make the list was again. I'm trying to figure out how atlanta is going to keep all the guys healthy that they have right now. I mean that's a great problem to have. I'm not criticizing atlanta that they are just ridiculously deep. In fact on thursday. I wrote about bradley. Beal trade in part. Because they're probably the only team that i can think of in the league right now that could trade for bill and may not have to trade a starter to get him. They have such a deep core of young players that they have this ridiculous ability to maybe land beal without gutting their starting five and in my opinion probably can even keep boundary hunter out of a deal and instead you know think about cam. Radish and jalen john say woo throwing gala nari is sort of a guy to sort of make the salaries salaries work and and then you're talking about potential title contender for the high and for washington. You might get you know four. You know young prospects which is typically kind of what you want out of this letter all intriguing. I mean the only thing that for me stop washington that none of those guys are sure hanes cam radishes ensure thing. There's not a sure thing okon was not you know. You're you are trading a superstar for a number of guys that have potential. But i actually think it's the most underrated deal that people aren't sort of talking about and if atlanta just really wants to go there i think they could really go there and wow i mean you're bringing bogdonovich off the bench. Now i mean you're you're it's just really crazy. Great team that they can have if they want to have it. I had tires halliburton nine. We talked about halliburton. And you had him. I think one spot higher at or maybe seven or eight so tires seven seven seven so two spots higher you said you had cottingham ten my tenth guys jalen suggs out of orlando after what i saw him do in two and a half ish games in the summer league. I'm like okay. That guys that guy is gonna demand minutes whether they wanna give into him or not. He's just gonna play. Everybody get them and he just such a force of nature on both sides..

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