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I don't think present day Nick Diaz, I think back in the day Nick Diaz, maybe, yeah, sure, why not? But now, I don't know. That's kind of strange. What do you think about that? Macaulay makes some strange statements sometimes, man. I don't know. That's really weird. Usman is got to be closer to wrestlers GSP and then prime Nick Diaz, you saw what happened with him in GSB. So like I don't know, he said, just standing up, striking by. Oh, straight standing up. Yeah, probably. Yeah, they were doing just stand up. Yeah, nika, Nick, is good stand up, man. He really is. Robbie Lawler beat him standing recently. Well, yeah, I mean, I don't know about now, but I mean, back in the day, yeah. It seems like they're being pretty huge strength differential power differential between the two. I mean, Nick Diaz back when he beat Paul Daley and was winning those kind of fights. That was I think the best version of Nick Nick Diaz that we saw. But like anything else, I mean, he's got to be what almost 40 or something. And he's just thinking he's asked 38 39. Life catches up to you and he also seems like he was partying for a while and yada yada and I don't know how smart those guys spar. It seems like they have kind of like back in the day finds Dan or whatever. Well, they were sparring with Andre ward him and Nate both for a while. So that's not a very good idea. As far with one of the best fighters in the world, like boxers just as far with them, I don't know. So this week we got Volkov who's coming off a first round loss to Tom Aspen alley or Tom asked with all the guy from England who yeah, yeah. Well beater. He's fighting Rosen streak. Who's coming off a, he lost a curtiss blade. He kind of just got held down by Curtis blades, but still a lot of 30, 27. So it's a main event. Heavyweight, you guys coming off losses. So she'd be a good fight. I'm picking Volkov. I think roses street was one of those guys that kind of like ahsoka jewel when he came out of nowhere and everyone was scared of his power. But then you kind of figure him out and it seems like the blueprint on how to beat him is out there. Don fry, who do you think going to play?.

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