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Mount Clemens to Devonian from Taylor. Talks for. From comb to Farmington and all points in. Between the news watch never stops on NewsRadio nine fifty WWE news time three forty some of America's most pristine forest now under assault by illegal marijuana cultivation that's ravaging the environment CBS news, correspondent John Blackstone has the details It's so, rugged, in the San Bernardino. National forest that federal agents. Searching for marijuana Are sometimes lifted from. Place to place by helicopter, we marijuana garden down. Here with. A number of plants and as of right now, unknown number of suspects Dan brio the US forest service is overseeing this undercover operation armed officers. From the forest service and the California Department of fish and wildlife go in first We found another plot heads up okay When they determined. The areas safe at least relatively safe. There's always chance for. Poison oak rattlesnakes they let us. Follow these are the kind of conditions the enforcement team has to. Search through to find these marijuana grows what they found here is about fifty pounds of marijuana cuts and ready. To, be taken out of the, forest unfortunately we didn't catch the cultivators but we did catch. Their, crop and it's a big. Crop yeah at least five thousand. Plants The. Plants left behind are difficult to a radically marijuana plants are growing beneath the trees here hard to see. From the air in this rugged and remote territory but about, five thousand of these. Plants are scattered across about five acres. Of this national forest. All of it fed by a. Somewhat sophisticated irrigation system this is a makeshift reservoir criminals growing the. Marijuana have actually created here in the national forest and they're diverting water from a nearby stream into here the. Problem, almost isn't so much the, marijuana as it is the damage that they're doing to the. Forest, the environmental damage is huge In a way. Operations like, this are less a war on drugs and more battle to protect the environment growers has done more damage. In the national forests cutting down all this vegetation to. Plant the marijuana but then down here enforcement. Team found what they feared a bottle of carbon fear and this is a banned pesticide in the United States that's this area basically into a toxic waste dump, even a small amount of the pesticide can kill wildlife and further, denigrate this area that includes a campsite filled with trash it's the kind of damage done by. A legal marijuana cultivation on public lands throughout the west. On average four hundred marijuana growing sites are found in national forests each year for all the ones that we find there's probably two or three more. That we didn't marijuana now you can grow this legally in California why does somebody come and do this. In a national forest with All the. Difficulty and the damage doing they're trying to avoid the. Rules and regulations at the state has put. In place by coming out on federal land and growing marijuana illegally Cut down and, bundle, this, clandestine marijuana crop is carried out. By, air to be destroyed but the damage, done to the forest remains John Blackstone the San Bernardino. National forest WWE news, time three forty four an update of sports, coming up next your eye on health, sponsored by delta dental back to school anxiety, with your eye on health I'm, Dr, Deanna lights it's, normal for. A student to feel anxious especially, if they're making a big change say moving from middle school to high school symptoms of anxiety can include sleep disturbances lack of, appetite short tempered that's. Judy melanoma ski a therapist Eastwood clinics in that any parent do is not let their. Own personal Zaidi affect them because kids pick up on their parents anxiety.

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