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Jack Russell, but formerly a naval intelligence officer And now with one America News joins he is following the Derrick Shobin trial in Minneapolis and all the situation's unfolding in the Minneapolis area right now with the riots than the looting and the craziness that's happening, Jack Great to have you back on the show. A buck. It's great to be here for you. We did. We were talking last time. I think I was on about what would happen in the aftermath of the trial, And yet the trial's still going, But the riots have already begun. It's It's really a tinderbox, Jack. We all know that it was a tense situation preparations in downtown Minneapolis at the courthouse and just anything that thought would be a high priority target for these riots. It looks like a war zone already, and then you add to it. This this shooting of Dante, right? The rights that have been happening there. Let's drill down because because my my understanding is that That that there have been some pretty big Bombshells in just the last 24 to 48 hours in the show Vin trial, which, as we know, is going to have an enormous effect on what happens in Minneapolis over the next week or so. Yeah, but that's absolutely right. So what happened so far is that this week? Early Monday, the prosecution rested their case in chief. And so what? Then? What happens is the defense begins to put up Their side in chiefs of the defense in chief up until that point we'd on Lee really heard from one side of the case that being a prosecution side the state time which is being sort of quarterback. Keith Ellison. Now it's the defense's turn. They're coming forward with their witnesses, their medical experts, their use of force experts, which you heard yesterday. We're hearing today and interestingly enough very interesting. I think for a lot of people to note Is that in that car go all the way back to May 25th 2020 today and in question there were three people in that car. It was George Floyd Marie's Hall, and she'll want to Hill. The prosecution did not call the two passengers in the car up to testify. It was in fact, the defense that brought forward the two passengers who were with Floyd during that day during the time when the police first arrived. That's not usually the type of thing you would see in a case like this. Now what do you take from that, Jack? This is very interesting because Maurice Hall, of course, had already been fingered by George Steroids girlfriend as being the man who had sold him drugs in the past. He said. He was a drug dealer so much you've given him an ultimatum about even spending time with. She didn't like this guy didn't want George to be around him. Right. He comes up and takes the fit. He says he will not testify because under Minnesota long has his lawyer also brought this up as well. That if he sold him drugs or so employees drugs that contributed to fluids death fentanyl mixed with methamphetamine, which he was telling people we're pocus senses your street streets, counterfeit drugs. Under that scenario under Minnesota law that's considered third degree murder so that actually could he could be held liable for the murder of George Floyd on. Of course, he hasn't Fifth Amendment rights, not incriminate himself. He took the stand today took the fifth and the judge said that he would allow that would not compel the testimony. So he did not testify. Then she'll want to Hill yesterday testified and gave some very interesting testimonies to the jury that I don't think has been heard yet. She stated that while they were in the car, so but remember, this whole thing started with a counterfeit $20 bill, right? On and When George really left that store, the Cup Foods convenience store workers then came out and said that they had were asking him. Hey, can you just give us the $20 so we can square this up? It was a real 20. Right? And they never really explained why it was that until they called police. That George wait simply didn't just drive away, right, You know, leave the the scene, you know, not not stay there. So Wanda Hill answered that question for us yesterday when she got up and testified very strangely. George Roy suddenly fell asleep, almost passed out, seemingly in the driver's seat of that vehicle while it was sitting outside the convenience store. She said that she took a phone call. And then she turned over and George was asleep. And so that she couldn't rouse him. The workers of the store couldn't rouse him, and it was only later when police finally arrived. He was able to get up now. Answer due to issues and self incrimination of the Fifth Amendment. The judge didn't allow questioning or whether or not she had viewed George Floyd using drugs. Rather, she had supplied him with drugs, etcetera. However. That's something that really speaks to the defense's contention. Their argument that Wood was as we know, of course, and toxicology report was using fentanyl, and that may have ingested a large amount of fentanyl mixed with methamphetamine, combined with his already Heightened medical condition. Which, of course you've heard from every medical examiner has said that this This guy definitely had medical what you would consider cardiac disease. 90% occlusion on one side, 75% the other side of his heart. This guy was the guy who did not have a healthy heart. And for him to take that amount of fentanyl. Plus, we know later when police arrived. He then shoots a mother fentanyl pills to try to. Ah, potentially try to hide them. They were later found much later in police squad car. That all of these things may have contributed to this. And so it kind of answered that key question of why he stayed there and why he didn't simply leave. He was not conscious for that entire period, which is new information to the jury. Okay, So we're talking to Jack Basso Bick of one America News and Jack. The use of force issue has been central here. I want you to tell me what the most recent expert for the defense says. About the putting the knee on the neck and what's Where are we on that? It's this expert from the defense that came up. He positively testified that using a prone position is something that's absolutely considered standard for police practice, especially when a suspect is resisting arrest and using what he referred to as aggressive resistance by Floyd again. Post. Remember from the old video that came out? Not just the nine minutes before video fluid was was resisting multiple officers who were trying. We're asking him to sit in the back of a police car. He refused to do that. He fought them off when they laid him on the ground already actually requested to be laid on the ground. Hey, kicked several times after you officers and so Police are training and this is what the expert testify. They are trained for when they're dealing with that type of active, aggressive resistance that holding someone in the prone position is Not only supported from the objective standard, but also recommended not just for the safety of the officers, but for the safety off the suspect, because they may be experiencing the toxic Yushin by trade, your other means and that they may become a harm to themselves. This is actually something that's trained two police officers and certainly would have been consistent with the training that show that received. How How could we be in this place where we're told by some law enforcement experts were appearing that this would never be a restraint that would be allowed to be used. But others are saying no, this is actually right from the training manual. Right. And so you you really got a situation Where? Because the way these policies are written, they've been rewritten so many times after there is use of force cases throughout the country that It's something where it could be time. There's a lot of holes in this. It's very complicated. There's a ton of bureaucracy. Thank you..

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