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Hit the glass. Just get up and say it. That just doesn't seem likely. I mean, I've been around here. Oh, it's never going to happen. That's why I said why. That's why I said why? Bob and sherry are giving you a necklace a day in May. Beautiful necklaces from Landon lacy jewelry. Just post a pic with your bestie and we will randomly select winners. Best friend. Choose from a pearl drop or black pearl necklace. That is so beautiful. And her and bob and sherry dot com and hit the contest tab. From Landon lacy jewelry at Landon lacy dot com. And bob and sherry. Leave us a talk. Talk back with the free bobbin sherry app. U.S. destinations that feel a whole lot like Europe, only you don't need a passport to visit. That was the hook on BuzzFeed, written by Hannah lowenthal, and the bottom line is these are places that are wonderful locations, but they have some sort of a feel of Europe for the most part. Some of them it's obvious and some of them, I think this is new information. So if you are planning to travel this year and it's not too late because a lot of hotels have already filled up for the summer. If you're planning to travel this year or maybe next year, here we go. The first one is New Orleans, Louisiana, which is a great place to start. The French Quarter is home to crayola colored buildings, wrought iron balconies. It has a wonderful French feel. If you've never been there, there are rowdy oyster bars. There's strip clubs, of course, and live jazz music and all. It's a really different feel. There's nowhere else like it, I think, in the United States. This is one place that I have not been, but I've always wanted to go and it's the Columbia river gorge in Oregon. Oregon is one of our most beautiful states. It's only an hour from Portland, but you feel like you're in Germany, or maybe even the isle of sky, as you trek past waterfalls and cascading water into canyons. The third one, just about everybody has heard about this place. Santa Barbara, California. Now they're worried about the water situation there. So that's a heads up. But it's called the jewel of the West Coast. It's where a lot of really successful people in the movie industry live. And it's like you're traveling to a seaside town in Portugal or Spain or France, the weather is beautiful. There's hiking farm to table restaurants. It's really a fantastic place. Here's the spot that cherries been to, and I have not, for whatever reason, I've never made it to mackinac island, Michigan. How do you describe it? It's a magical place. There are no cars on the island. Everything is by bicycle. It's gorgeous. It's where the movie somewhere in time was filmed with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour. It's just an incredible, magical place. Yeah, it's described as a place where you feel like you might have landed in a Swiss village, a coastal Irish town or a seaside village in the English countryside. It's very, very popular this time of the year. I've got to get there someday. Boston, Massachusetts. Of course, it is one of the most American of all cities, but it also has a similar field to London with the cobblestone streets, the brick sidewalks, the brick buildings, the lanterns that guide your way. It's a wonderful place. I've not been to leavenworth Washington, but evidently it's between the cascade mountain peaks that make up a scenic backdrop, and it's an Alpine style town. The buildings are German and Alpine inspired cuisine is heavy on sour kraut and bratwurst and it looks like a really cool place to see. Another spot that I've always wanted to go to and for whatever reason, I've been to California many, many times. I've never been to Catalina island. It's 26 miles up the coast of Los Angeles, but it feels a world away. Beachfront restaurants, palm trees lining the walkways, yachts docked in the harbor. It's just an amazing looking place. And there's a small 9 hole golf course there. The oldest city in the United States is St. Augustine. It was founded in 1565 by the Spanish. It's the longest continually inhabited European founded city in the United States. Waterfront fortress that is beautiful to see and just have you ever been? Have you ever been spent the day there once? It's another one of those places that you're just like, wow, this is a magical spot. Yeah. Yeah. Cannon beach in Oregon, Oregon shows up a lot here, is a coastal nearby coastal towns, and it is famous for feeling like it has the aura of Ireland or the cliffs of mar in the United Kingdom. It's awe inspiring. It's rugged. It's absolutely beautiful. And of course, the gorgeous Pacific Ocean is lapping against the shores there. I've been to Alaska. And so sherry, we love Alaska. Sitka Alaska is the Alaskan jewel on baranof island, and it could be easily confused with a Scandinavian fishing town, or maybe a remote Icelandic village. Everybody wants to go to Iceland. Well, you could stay in the United States without a passport and visit sitka Alaska. I think sherry and I have both been to Helen Georgia. How do you describe Helen Georgia? Helen Georgia is this awesome town that's all about Christmas and you can rent inner tubes and go tubing on the chattahoochee river, which to this day remains the single most embarrassing experience. My husband has ever had. And the whole place looks like you're in like a little Swiss village. And there's lots of Christmassy stuff and oh, it's wonderful. It's so fun. Right, it is. And you know, the feel is a little bit touristy, but it gets you. It has such charm. Fredericksburg, Texas, it was founded by German immigrants back in the 1800s and they have unique food traditions still intact. Throughout you'll find schnitzel and strudel, there's town square called the market plots and it looks really interesting as does solvang California. I hope it's pronounced that way. If you can't go to Copenhagen, this is a good place to go, founded by the Dutch, wooden windmills, authentic Dutch bakery, sausages, sounds cool, San Francisco, everybody knows what's there, Nantucket, Massachusetts is so charming. It feels like you might be in a beach town in France. The Napa Valley, I think you know, Miami, Florida, and finally my paleo Vermont. What a beautiful state Vermont is. I love it. I have friends who live there, and in mount Taylor, it has distinctly European feel. European style architecture and walkable streets. So if you can get a place this late in the season, enjoy it, you got the coins this year. It's bob and sherry. Hey, thank you so much for listening to the bob and sherry podcast and the bob and sherry podcast. We would love if you would subscribe, rate and review and share it with a friend on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, wherever you go, and thank you again for listening. 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