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Those who have already contributed. Once again, you can join our fan club patriot dot com slash hilarious. Humanitarian pod. You can also check that out in the link in our bio on Instagram hilarious humanitarian spot. So before we jump into our topic today, though, we wanted to touch on some interesting, pop culture, topics for the week giant swarms of adorable lady bugs. And when hiking rescues, go wrong. All right. So apparently, there was a swarm of ladybugs that were so Jain Ormuz in southern California that the national weather service radar picked it up over San Bernardino county in California. The actually like if you go on. Online on the internet search like the giant ladybugs horrible. That. Yeah. And it's like a picture, literally looks like a storm like there was like, oh, massive. Thing in the sky or whatever that got picked up by the radar. So it's called a lady bug bloom. They were flying about a mile above the ground in cloud was ten miles. Why because they're so little cute as high member seen the cutest. Way, better than locust. This way, better than locus. Could you imagine that for you knew they were ladybugs, if you just saw giants swarm of something flying above you'd be like, okay, the second coming hiring totally? The wild has begun. God where you're just like there's something on the radar, that's ten miles wide. I'd be like it's a UFO finally aliens are coming. We're gonna die. That's crazy. So it was an eminent. It was in San Bernardino mountains, and it's interesting 'cause we were up in big bear, which is in San Bernardino. And this is like two weeks ago or a week ago, and we are a laundromat, and there was this woman who was staring at my kid, and I was like, okay winner stare at her, she's cute, but then she kind of lunged at my kid and I was like, oh my God. What is happening? But she thought there was a bug on my daughter's shoulder as it turns out, it was like to lady bugs. So it's funny 'cause they're willing, ladybugs everywhere we are, basically. Basically by the swarm just do. No. And a mile up to me. I'd here's me. I don't know how high can bugs go, I never thought that high. I mean birds maybe but bugs. Yeah, I lied bugs around fucking way that is. Like a mile isn't like three thousand something I thought it was like twenty five hundred feet. One here, meth thirty two hundred I'm gonna get closer than thirty two hundred. Okay. Wins. Whoever wins the other one gets to ask when ask any question or do something silly, Aaron loves doing shutting I love bets, and there's always like, and she always wins. So she always get shit, and she's like she can get people to do embarrassing. I'm going with twenty five hundred feet for other hundred. All right. Let's see, like there's someone out there listening. That's like you guys are idiots. We'll now I don't wanna win because I don't want the pressure of having to come up with questions all come up with something right? So you're twenty five hundred I am. She is your your twenty possessive and then you're thirty two hundred. Okay. And I am and the bet. What's the bet? I don't even know Feted about it. twenty bucks. What, what is it? What are they betting the bed is closer to the truth? The better to right. Gets to have or. Okay. So how many feeder in a mild, I say, twenty five hundred she says thirty two hundred so who's wedding? Well, there's nothing on the tables. We'll just play. Okay. Okay. I really liked to be on the table. It is actually five thousand two hundred eighty feet. So I was bullshit. I, I know. And you like when you said, I'm twenty five hundred I want to look at you. Like, don't, don't take that one to look, pick wit. I don't like this game. I win. We're both were really far but you don't even know what you want. She was twice. Being right this time next time, I'll be prepared. Lord is no longer. Humble Carlin I played a game? And I made him go is strong. I made him put something on target and sing into a live. And he was like he looked like the biggest pervert because he put some kids hat on her some hat on the kids section. Yeah. And the phone down. Larry is too has. He's like seven hundred feet tall. He's six five and he's like twinkle took a little star some song, like some like. With singing into a phone looking very awkward. I'd be like I wanna give you guys a little bit of a visual errands, like barely five feet tall, and Carl her boyfriend is like six five almost six six. Yeah. It is a very interesting. Any, he's a like he's not too big. He's not like he's not like a thin. He's not cake dog. No. He's no Andre the giant. Yeah. And it's so funny because like we prefer to hug like sitting down 'cause if he gives me a hug, I literally my nose is about an inch or two above his belly button. Oh my and I looked at him. And I said, I feel like I should throw you back. So the tall tall eighty have you, he's like they don't care. It's fine. I'm like, no really you're out it. It is. We do care. Okay. Let me tell you something. We do care. Do you guys like role playing like your little girl or some not yet? I need some more starting with him. He probably like, okay, let's do something cute. No. Well, your mouth or creepy, I can only speak for myself, but when I was dating, I'm five nine and I would be so pissed every time I saw a towel dude with, and it was always like it was always a toll dude with a five foot two. Yeah. Little girl or woman. Everytime. Dna looks at you to. She gets enraged totally and I'm like, I'm just raging. I've been told an ambush just wasted on your shortness, multiple times in. I did online dating. I had at least two guys tell me I'm sorry to short really. Yeah. They were like, hey, and they were usually six three six four and I was like, okay and so I was like, well, you know, all right. I think it's fair for woman wants to talk. I talk doesn't want all my little didn't even know that, that when Carl I was like, oh, ship. How's your one tall MO fo? And he was like I love it. You just said, Mojo. I know. Two thousand five next they'll say, like, oh my God. Back to go back. I was really stoked when I met, my husband, he was six one. I'm like, all right. Cool. I just like when I wear heels, I'm six one literally how big bigger your heels. Well, they know not five inches, but they'd be like at least three inches. So there's three inches. I'm six feet. Yeah. Okay. So. All right. I dunno platforms could literally be four inches totally. And then I'm six one. And I told her I don't wear heels. Literally, the best you're gonna get a home. And he was like I don't care. I was like, oh, God when I would date it was hard for me to find because they're all just a like, yeah. All the tall guys were with short people. So I would meet dudes that were like five ten and I'm like, all right. I'm five nine. So I'm gonna wear flats, and have bad posture. And And then then I I was was like. like. Back. Sterling screw this. I don't care. So I did it a few guys that were shorter than me. And they didn't care which was also hot. Yes. Like some get over the a lot of people aren't aren't into that. I don't care. No. And I would date some guys that we're really close five five still at four inches above me. Yeah. And people like these kinda short and I'm like he's tall me. I should take one for the team. I should take a short. He says that like he's kinda short. You're like young by fee. Everybody's taller great. He's not fucking you. Oh, it's nice. I could kiss them and I have to tippy toes. And now I'm like, vic- step some here neck, probably hurt. He he's more. He makes it work more than I do. I dislike tilt une- like Benz, and yeah. You're trying to kick us good. Good. This standing up. Yeah. We'll go on bended knee. But every time but we should get Erin some stilettos. Oh my it'd be five seven. That'd be funny, and I'm definitely like a little bit of a koala. So I'm like all over him. So if we like to down, I'm like on. He's like you're just like prefers sitting sitting laying is definitely really nice sitting couch, that would be a dating sitting couch. Yeah. Is he walked in on kissing last night? Oh, she was like she really get a room. And I'm like I pay for this house. This is my room. And she was like, mom, mom. And then she was like, okay, she knew that I was like, not going to bend. And she looked at Karl. She was like you should be ashamed. Come on Carl, and he is like, but look her lips so show pretty and he's my God. If I were a kid. I'd be like let me excuse myself throw up on the dog. Yeah. And she pretty much talked him into making her milkshake. That's how she got. She was like, well. Milkshake right now. And he's like, okay. Okay. All right, next, we digress. Oh my God. No so excited. Okay. So this next story is seriously insane. It's probably still viral when this airs because it's this is oh, God. It's so sad. And so. You feel awful laughing, but yeah, we're gonna make Aaron watch it. But all right. So there was a seventy four year old woman hiker, who was injured needed to be airlifted from the spot. I'm already getting California, Arizona. Yeah. Yeah. Weird stuff on Phoenix mountain. They put her on a stretcher to be hoisted up into the helicopter. But the line that usually secures the stretcher was like not attached, and the lift turned the stretcher into a fast spinning roller coaster of a nightmare. If it you have to see this video Aaron has never seen it. So what we did was. We purposely did not let her watch it until right now. You're gonna go react. We built it up a little bit. Hopefully, she's the same natural reaction. I needed why. So seventy it says here, seventy four seventy four year old woman. Okay. Okay, here. She actually getting sit up. There we go. She strapped in the house. Again in a sleeping bag. She's close to getting in there, and it's swinging a little bit, which makes. Oh, oh. Finning pots a helicopter Keller. He kept not pot. Oh, and she's not stopping and they know. Slows down. She's. Her. It's a head coach. Oh, gee. Oh my God. It doesn't stop. It keeps dear Jesus. Oh my gosh. She signed his wedding. Oh my goodness. Now she's just sending a little bit. But nothing now she's tilting kind of to the side when she spins. Yeah. We want passes I've ever seen a human. That is terrible that I had. So I was telling Chrissy because We. we. I still in Christie, when the story broke, I had to Google the story first to make sure that the woman didn't die before I.

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