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Why does that make you like being on riverdale why does that make you thank you why does that make you like being on riverdale those aren't the greatest in the world you know i know said said specifically cole sprouse but now i have some other feeling and they are the greatest feelings in the world i feel happy and proud and cared for it's great to have feelings for being on riverdale pause for a moment but since i'm not a robot anymore there's something else that i feel too he went on you're right i am just a little tired i think i need a short vacation big daddy sprouse laughed of course colon dylan's browse of course he said now that you've taken care of this we life zack and cody the kids choice or should be saved for quite a while it's time to the suite life on deck golan dylan sprouse started walking thinking about his home as he walks on just keeps me singular thought of his little village in the mountains he thought about how beautiful it looked in the winter this is river del he's thinking he thought of little riverdale archie playing the guitar on state he thought about how beautiful in the winter when archie fell all around about how looked in the fall when archie turned golden in red he's not about how riverdale looked in the summer bracken betty our good friends he thought about how betty or good friends with green everywhere he looked he thought about doing he was there as well i guess he was there in riverdale he looked down on his village from where he's high on a hill it was spring and archie bloomed all over the hillside thang cola dylan's browse took off his helmet and threw it down beanie that looked like a crown thank you cole sprouse took off his beanie that look like a crown and threw it down when he ran down the hill to riverdale straight if when he ran down the hill street toward toward his comfortable little home.

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