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Lifetime achievement award at the BET awards were the Kennedy center honors recipients and that doesn't even mention any of the sixth. CBS news time twelve thirty eight traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the aids and let's get a look at what's going on in Oakland that's right this is eight eighty south bound right about sixteen to market their on the bumper that was hit by a couple of cars apparently still in the left lane I got a call from G. of the KCBS phone force there is some activity on the right hand shoulder and I am seeing a back up here into downtown Oakland to the nine eighty merge also in Oakland traffic jams up on five eighty was found between highway twenty four and the eighty five eighty split in San Carlos one on one north bound before Holly street now there's a crash on the right hand shoulder but the fire department still needs the right lane at one point several lanes were blocked right there now only the right lane is blocked and that's why you have all those brake lights in front of you between now would side road and Holly street in the South Bay in Campbell highway seventeen south bound at Hamilton install is blocking the left lane otherwise traffic around Santa Clara county looks pretty good right now including highway seventeen at the limit in both directions between the summit and highway eighty five mark delays in downtown today until eight o'clock this evening art is single tracking between the Embarcadero and twenty fourth street stations single tracking means delays usually fifteen to twenty minutes your next traffic updated twelve forty eight democratic leader KCBS KCBS area forecast sunny all over the place today from the coast to the inland valleys Oaklyn going for a high of seventy three degrees eighty one.

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