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For you. Check it out and also most importantly the golden rule The pick might just be doodoo. Stephen and we just don't wanna read it. So that's that's that's the basic guidelines here got a lot of concerts. Don't we roast stuff. Don't you guys rostami. Do i try not to try not to. But you're free to do it. Like i said i think some picks your stephen may have gotten through the doodoo detector and if that's the case i'm more than happy for you to do an extra level of quality control and squash these These duties as it were he's gonna so the most proper picks i saw Kennedy taking on the brunson till winners go very nice reporter purported versus one. Espino this one. This is a deep cut shows. How on the ball. Our listeners are like cocker manav versus ronnie lawrence. This like multiple appeal. Pick this this. And i'm like i wouldn't have thought of that. I kinda love it. Yeah i kinda love it. Vince is drew dober-. Yeah we thought that crossed my mind. Coming off losses though he's skid take that fight he's a little bit more of a name. he's just like an incremental step up. So yeah i i can see that from a competitive sample a win loss standpoint. It's it's somebody was coming off the law. So that's why ruled it out but i don't mind it. Yeah i do feel like they're kind of heading a little bit different directions but not not a bad match little versus Pantaleon pen tasio penn. Tara tara alex. I apologize alexandria. Pantoja versus brandon marino. Three was the most popular suggestion for pantoja. There was some some sentiment for figueredo rematch. Just figueredo Figure out how to win over penn and pantoja waiting for the cody garbrandt. Karkare france or something that and making that the title in later so that's a long as december eleventh. That's a long long way ahead and associate again on saturday. Said he wants to fight marino in december. so i don't think that's that appealing to him Kelleher there's a bunch of options thrown out on miles. John's case kennedy lewis smoker. All those as you kind of mentioned at the most popular. I saw for the newest star bantamweight. Josiane nunez was which i think is sensible. He's also one of the only ones that's available tough talk to fight but for sure yeah to jocelyn edwards versus just girls clark fight. That's winner of that. Does on october twenty third. And i'm not gonna lie when i saw joe zander. His name i. When the i was i kept getting confused with jocelyn edwards. I'm sorry guys. We read about read about a lot of fighters we read about a lot of fighters we write about a lot of fighters to stuff becomes very very confusing and Another four william. Mr william nights ice all a lot of kennedy kennedy ends at yuko kennedy institute. I like that too. That's i mean he's one of those man he's had at a some some crazy fights and if there's anyone that could he just he's almost like at at the cost of getting knocked out you know he's just looks like just a little bit too casual in there and he's just and then he and then he rescues it from the draws a defeat william night Good good test As far as the debate. Yeah agnosio behind monday maitland. Can't we've talked to the knockout of the night. One of the best of the year. Some sick match us recommended here. Mike davis mcdade. It'd be mike. Davis is a regular Recommendation on our on our site On the show us even so We just need to see like i book so exciting. And then demure hudson which for mona's and don match the magic man and for amis brahima. She opened the show I the most popular pick. I saw him and philip road. So there we go all right. Buckle up a buck up. We're just can't start. Get a buckle up here so okay so child run through the summer quickly. I know we spent a lotta time already. We've got a lot of justices week through our email we had Casing carpenter come up first of all complimenting me on my judging job on thursdays between the links I picked. Jed meshu was the winner that shows. What a professional. I am because i had to really really by down and do that Pick mubarak our dear friend. David martin But i got to do the right thing. So thank you. Casey for the comments that makes you feel a little better and casey picked guido versus jeremy stevens. That's one bite out there. And also the emails robin miller who had a really pick with bahama ndas versus farris ziam. Let me go to that twitter here. We got plenty of first timer. Welcome to the show. James mcdonald says first time matchmaking. Don't roast me steven this person's specifically asking do not roast me. Okay asking me to release pantoja. I marino and cochran brisk kelleher. You can't roast them. That ratchet you came up with the. I'm that other picks. The ones that that other people didn't pick okay. Okay yeah i saw. I saw you get in your roasted. Your roast in words ready. Thank you james. Mcdonald's you're welcome here dylan at rick's nip two seven seven on twitter as a question. If they moved up to one seventy stephen who would you favor between him and kamara camara. Bigger frame yep reach. I think he's going to be an issue off that job And he can always go to the wrestling..

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