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Two cbs news the yes there is much is going on in the nba where that even hit the trash jet we haven't even hey free agency yet but you'll find out on sunday which is not a surprise that pull george wants out in indiana that he's not going to resign there and he's trying to do best by the indiana pacers tell them walk a knock come back next year and giving you a heads up do what you need to do get yourselves assets trade me away whatever i'm not resigning i want to go to the lakers see you find that out on sunday you know about the big deal ready between the boston celtics in philadelphia seventy six there's the sixers acquire the number one pick who going to take faults the celtics moved down to three big gator know the first round pick could be the lakers pick could be the king's pick would have to wait and see here in a lot rumblings about chasing tatum and it's funny acc tournament i'm on the subway henrik bork center watch syracuse lose the miami gut wrenching fashion and not be addi ncw tournament but i'm on a train conaty barklays and benny age sitting across from me then yeah then he h see that's what a good general manager decides to do phil jackson's take notes big go to college games actually scout the players danny age was going to the barklays dennis smith junior case in tandem of playing a game on wednesday afternoon that much so maybe danny sent me liked the datum instead all right this is my guy i want them it's okay if i moved down at three i'm gonna get another asset i'm also of the mindset that i think boston each try to position themselves at some point to make that big deal can know what it's going to be but i think they're trying to make that big deal and nails so have the belief that isaiah thomas can do this again and that's why maybe they are bypassing taking accord and they're thinking about bringing in a wink play.

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