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Easy for you. You don't have to go looking for it. We kind of just scratched the surface. He i mean my mind is still kind of Blown back in the beginning of this conversation. But i'm still trying to catch up because there's so many things you said here. Unfortunately we don't have all the time in the world but It's it's really fascinating conversation. But i'll just draw One thing i did want to ask you about was the colonel mitchell thing. Would that be the same answer for why so few at least in my perception so few people experiences He was one of One of now. Hundreds of astronauts who have gone into space but it triggered that experience for him but As far as i know the astronauts have talked about that kind of collini or whatever kind of experience. You talked about Him having would would your answer be the same for that. Is that noise issue for dr mitchell for for why why why. Any of all the other astronauts having experienced what he said. Well my understanding was that some of them had according to dr edgar mitchell and you know in his in his In his His now in his words in what he would he would had talked about. You know they're not allowed to talk about a lot of different things after their space missions. And but what i understood from what he shared all was that others had but they were keeping quiet about it just like other things you know whether it has to do with contact with extraterrestrial craft in space or the basis on the moon things like that. These are all things that they have to sign things in. They're supposed to keep quiet about as to dr ag- mitchell's experienced particularly my understanding. Was that all the astronauts that were with him. Went through this at the same time and then the but the thing that's interesting about that is what that tells me is that there was something that happens or happened for them..

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