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My recommendation bernie. Brown started a podcast. Coincidentally right around the same as the beginning of Quarantine also when. I was unemployed so i listened to so much brennan brown. It was my therapy session. When i didn't have the insurance for therapy sessions unlocking us. She's got some really great gas. Two episodes that i i still think back to on a regular basis. One with uber max. Tiny another with austin channing. Brown both Discussions to one other recommendation. I might be to julius the cozy robot show which we have referenced before With mike mcharg he has to two episodes. I would specifically Recommend along this conversation. We've had today. One is about empathetic skepticism. What is with The way he talks about embassy and skepticism together. Like i want to send it to for human. I know if we all listened to it and approached your conversations that way we would have a utopian society that we would just get along with the letter maybe a little better and then the other episode more specifically we're talking about big differences with family members Big differences with. Dr hillary mcbride was another episode of the cozy about show. I would recommend. Yeah more people in that in that world of media victorian. I consume where everyone who makes our friends. I have more recommendations so something this book something. This book brought up for me. That i didn't really talk about was book we've covered on the podcast called the most beautiful thing i've seen at memoir by lisa gungor. And it's about her navigating sort of the opening in broadening as her worldview to include you know lots of people inexperienced sort of seeing the beauty and everything while also navigating her relationship with her mother who's mind remain very sort of closed a narrow in kind of how that relationship has continued to evolve. Really really good for anyone. Who sort of deconstructed. Their faith in is trying to have a relationship with their parents An-and also this book talked about loneliness a And that lonely feeling. There is an episode of the literature on loneliness. And how when you kind of the loneliness that comes from moving away from maybe an old community that was really damaging but now you don't know where to go next and kind of how to find community with people that are safe and So yeah i really liked that as well.

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