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I have as my guest right now a long time friend, penny, Nance, she is the president and CEO of concerned women for America, penny welcome. It's great to be on with you, Eric. Thanks for having me back. I was just telling the folks here, like I've known you since before, my daughter was born. So that adds up to probably close to 23 years, amazing. Yes. How long have you been to my children were grateful for your children's books when they were little when they were babies and you were working for Coulson? Yeah, I've written so many I've written over 30 children's books now. I actually forgot. I forgot about that part of my life, but I've written so many children's books. But here we are. And we are now, we're living through such strange times. It's the kind of thing that somebody like chuck holson would have would have brought up about the future. This is where we're headed if we don't do this or don't do that. Here we are now living in a world where someone like you writes an article about the madness going on, in this case, in women's sports. So where does the article appear that you wrote called young women left behind again? Well, it'll be on our website. It concerned women dot org in another very sundry places. But the bottom line is that there is a disease that is impacting our young women around this country. Young men too, but the vast majority of people who are dealing with this and I think it's a contagion honestly. Are young women who feel that they're at the edges of society. And yeah, you're right. Chuck Colson talked about post Christian America and he talked about the dangers of us ignoring that there is absolute truth in this world that God's truth is ultimate and real and only one truth. And at the end of the day, there's fallout and chaos. If you don't recognize that fact. And we have gotten to the point where we are in contradiction of the material world we've created this world and there's been this online effort and propaganda that has said to young women, you know what? And just in small children, by the way, just because you were born a woman, you may not be. In fact, maybe you're a boy and you just don't know it. And you need to consider that. And by the way, Planned Parenthood will give you hormones, enable you to transition, and now you're a man.

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