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So yet he's going to help a lot no matter what he comes back as this year. No matter what level is fully healthy. Eric berry for that game. I do a huge difference. I think like sixty percent of Eric berry is our best safety. So, you know, that's that's some shade. Lucas, but he's on the bench was safety that Bob will play. Yeah. Yeah. In bendy. And asks was that the best best game of the year for Chris? Conley. Yes. And Chris Conley's best ability in that game. I think was pretty much just a veil ability. Because I mean, I think anything that was really spectacular rewatching. It really good that he. Was able to finish that double catch on the drag route for the touchdown. Because if he drops that. Best game of Conley's career. I think is the correct phrase. And like Kim said, I don't even know what he did end. This is not to throw be a hater Chris Conley. Although I am well aware that I'm not his biggest fan. I'm not he's like a nineteen ninety five extra Seaver in the NFL, which isn't a position exists anymore. But regardless best Jon Gruden says differently. They also traded for joining Nelson who came into the league in about nineteen ninety-five. So however this game here. Oh, yeah. Ages one kiss kit. This is why we have long podcast you just keep egging on. And you're going to blame me for it. Chris conley? He did make the nice catch. I don't care if he'd double Kadett. He nice catch. He got Oprah. Another play man watching him wanting to the end zone. I still kid. You guys not. I'm never sure if Chris Conley Dimitrius Harris has the football. Yes. Insert Harish drop joke here. However, once they have the ball, I have to wait to see their numbers say who in is because they look like the same player out there with their level of what is so then take with a grain of salt. He got open because of the Rams paying attention to tie kill who was carving them up all game. Well, yeah, I do think that it was Conley's best game of his career. But I still don't think that he's necessarily a big factor going forward. He's a good guy to have on the team. He's a good guy to play out a rookie contract. But when it's up, I don't think you need to be floating a bunch of money his way to keep him on the roster. I think you can replace him with another guy cheaper guide later in the draft. Maybe go get him six touchdowns though this year. And then, you know, maybe. He'll he'll count on that compensatory formula kills. At David made a seven asks what goes on your leftover Turkey sandwich? Shibata bond lightly toasted, you get your Turkey on there. You get a block. And she is you gotta get the thick slice white cheddar cheese on there gets a banana peppers lettuce. You don't need any other random sauces or anything like that..

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